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Maybe, just maybe, I could end this year with more subscribers than I initially expected. At the awesome rate of you lovely people subscribing to my blog, I am just overwhelmed with joy that so many find me worth reading. Thank you, thank you, thank you so very much to all 3, 800 of you!

The reason I keep writing, the reason I’m smiling right now, and the reason I work so hard on my blog is because of you guys. I appreciate all the support and I hope to be able to be the best, both for you and myself 🙂 Again, thank you!

Now on to the next segment; I read this tag on a fellow blogger’s blog which she found from YouTube. Known as the 7 Deadly Sins of Reading, I immediately thought of how clever and fun it would be to do. So here I am…

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Summer at Aunt Sylvia’s


Summer at Aunt Sylvia’s


It was the summer holidays and having bummed around the house long enough to irritate my Mother I was packed off to go and stay with my Aunt Sylvia for a few weeks. I wasn’t particularly bothered by this, most of my college friends were away on holiday and I’d grown bored of lazing around the house and getting nagged at. Besides, my Aunt and Uncle were well off and lived in a house that was way too big for just the two of them to rattle around in. After a rather tedious train journey on a sweaty, packed train I finally arrived at the station to be greeted by my Aunt waving enthusiastically at me. I’d always enjoyed staying with her growing up as she was fairly relaxed and let me stay up late, drink beer and the like, in all she was cool. As for my Uncle, well he was frequently busy on a business trip or golfing with his cronies and spent very little time at the house.


My Aunt hugged me and then holding me away from her she remarked how much I’d grown up since my last visit and how handsome I’d become. I laughed sheepishly, shrugging off the compliment before getting in the car with her and making our way to the house. Once inside she made us both iced drinks with a healthy measure of vodka in each glass, chattering away as she did so. I watched on, noticing as she bent over to grab the lemonade from the bottom shelf of the fridge. She had on really short shorts that fitted snugly and I caught an eyeful of her shapely arse as she bent over. Now I have to admit that for an older woman, my Aunt is a bit of a looker. Although a lady of leisure she takes good care of herself and it showed, her figure trim, legs toned and tanned. I glanced away as she turned to ask me something. Busted! She gave me a quizzical look and asked me had I been staring at her bum! Embarrassed I tried to bluff my way out of it but she was no fool, seeing the colour in my cheeks betraying me. She teased me playfully then passed my drink letting her fingers linger on my hand for a moment before suggesting we take our drinks outside.


It was an extremely hot day, the sun high in the sky, burning down on us as we sat on the terrace. We chatted for a while about college, then about Uncle Greg. She told me how he was hardly ever home, total work-a-holic who rarely found time to spend with her. She looked all wistful for a moment and I felt awkward. She went on to tell me how it had been so long since they’d slept in the same bed let alone had sex, “ I’m a woman, I have needs for godsake!” she complained, telling me how she got so bored, lonely and very horny with no way to relieve these feelings other than to sort herself out. I wasn’t certain if it was the heat, the vodka or her but I felt uncomfortably hot and even worse I’d felt my cock twitch a little as I listened to her. Not being able to stand it much longer I peeled off my T-shirt and saw the way in which she ran her eyes over my torso.


“My word, you certainly have grown up Matt!” she commented, openly appraising my body. Again my cock reacted by growing harder in my shorts and I sat back down quickly, not wanting to make it obvious. We chatted a little while longer then she asked if I had a girlfriend to which I told her no, nothing serious. Truth be known I’d had a little action at college but hey, not nearly enough for a young and horny lad. It was surprising that I hadn’t gone blind the amount of time I’d spent wanking myself daft behind closed doors. Aunt Sylvia expressed mock surprise at this, exclaiming that surely a fit young man like me would be snapped up straight away and that given half a chance she’d get straight in there! At that she went to fetch more drinks leaving me reeling from what she’d said. On her return she remarked at how hot it was and that maybe we should have a dip in the Jacuzzi to cool off. Agreeing, I knocked most of my drink back thinking to myself, “Fuck it! Why not? “


My Aunt returned to the house to refill my glass and to change into her swimming gear. Deciding that I’d just leave my shorts on I climbed into the chilled water of the Jacuzzi, sinking down up to my shoulders to get used to the temperature. Aunt Sylvia reappeared and my eyes nearly popped out of my head as she casually strutted towards me wearing nothing but the tiniest of bikini bottoms, her round tits bouncing slightly with each step. By now the vodka I’d slung down my throat was taking its effect and I openly stared at her, mouth open at the sight of her nearly naked body. Kicking off her heels, she climbed on in to join me, smiling at my expression. Despite the cold water my cock lurched to life and I could feel myself growing hornier by the second as the water lapped around her making her small pink nipples go hard. Seeing where my eyes were fixed she grinned and asked me did I like them. I stammered not sure what to say. She moved over to sit right next to me and I felt her thigh brush mine. “Your uncle never looks at me like that….” She began, slowly placing her hand on the top of my leg, causing me to gulp. “God…the heat makes me so horny Matt.” I watched as her other hand started to caress her tits, the hand on my leg stroking my thigh suggestively until she reached my by now rock solid cock. She smiled appreciatively, then she asked if I’d like to fuck her! What could I do? Here I was with a horny older woman who was offering me sex on a plate, how could I refuse?


She released my throbbing cock from my shorts and began wanking it slowly, her grip and technique just right. I groaned with pleasure as she proceeded to bob under the water and take my shaft into her mouth right the way down to the base before coming back up for air. Instructing me to move up to the higher step she went straight to work on me, sucking at my cock and my tightening ball sack in a way I’d never experienced before and she started to suck me deeper, right into the back of her throat and before I could stop it I shot my hot spunk down her neck, groaning loudly as I did so. I felt a little embarrassed that I’d shot my load so fast but just the sight of her sucking on my cock had pushed me over the edge.


Far from ending things there, my Aunt grabbed my hands and thrust them on her tits and I couldn’t resist nipping at her nipples whilst I was at it. She let out an excited moan, talking filthy to me as I did. “Yeah that’s it, take my tits in your mouth Matt…oh fuck yeah I’m so wet after taking your cum in my throat!…” Grabbing my hand again she forced my fingers into her pussy allowing me to feel her hot juicy cunt swallowing my fingers each time they plunged inside her. “Oh Matt, fuck me hard with your fingers, get my pussy ready for your cock!” she almost screamed at me. With this her fingers returned to wrap around my prick and amazed I felt it twitch back to life as I enthusiastically hammered her pussy with four fingers. It wasn’t long before I was harder than the first time round glad now that I’d gotten the first cum out of the way, knowing I’d be able to fuck her good and hard without shooting too soon.


Seeing that I was good and ready to go my Aunt Sylvia turned to face the side of the Jacuzzi, offering me her upturned arse, looking over her shoulder at me she ordered me to fuck her. Without hesitation I got right up behind her my cock rubbing against her arse cheeks, nudging its way towards her pussy. “Fuck me now Matt, I mean it, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!” Never one to be asked twice I thrust my cock right into her waiting slit as forcefully as I could, reaching round to her tits, grabbing roughly at them as I banged my cock deep into her over and over until she was screaming, her head thrown back, a hand between her legs rubbing furiously at her clit. I fucked her hard just as she had asked until finally she started to cum hard, shouting and moaning utter filth to me as her cunt tightened around my cock, literally sucking my cum out of me. Again my hot spunk pumped out of me, this time deep inside my Aunt Sylvia’s dripping pussy.


Gasping for air we both slumped back for a moment trying to catch our breath…..


Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at my Aunt and Uncle’s that long hot summer, neither myself nor my Aunt Sylvia stayed frustrated for long, grabbing every chance going to fuck each other senseless all over the house and grounds. Hardly surprising that I was invited to extend my stay!…..


Aunt Debauchery


I smiled as I replaced the phone back in its cradle. I’d just finished speaking to my step-sister who had pretty much begged me to have my nephew to stay for a few weeks. By all accounts he had driven his parents up the wall with the usual adolescent behaviour. Far from feeling put upon I gladly accepted, after all it’s not like I had much else to fill my days with. I’m married to a successful business man and we live a more than privileged lifestyle. But it comes with a major drawback; I rarely get to see my husband thanks to his total consuming obsession with his work. Instead he chooses to humour me with my own platinum card. Shame money can’t buy me company… Still I now had the prospect of a companion in the form of my nephew Matt. It had been a while since I’d last seen him, I smiled again as I remembered the awkward lanky teenager who had barely done more than mutter self-consciously. I certainly hoped he’d have grown out of that when he came to stay….

I drove to the station to pick Matt up as arranged, roof down on my Mercedes SLK, enjoying the breeze tousling my hair and cooling me. It was an exceptionally hot day, and the breeze offered a welcome relief. I also found it secretly arousing, like being tickled by giant feathers on my bare, tanned arms and legs. Arriving at the station, I parked up and climbed out, feeling the heat instantly as I did so. I was glad I’d put my tiny white shorts and vest top on, if I’d had my way I wouldn’t have worn a stitch, it really was stiflingly hot. I kept an eye out for Matt amongst the throng of tourists and travelers who disembarked the train onto the platform. I realised I wasn’t entirely sure what Matt looked like. Thankfully it wasn’t long before I saw a tall, athletic young man making his way towards me, a lop-sided grin on his face as he approached.

“Matt! Goodness, how much you’ve grown since I last saw you!” I exclaimed, hardly believing the transformation. Gone was the gawky awkwardness to be replaced with a very handsome young man. There was certainly no awkward moment as we greeted each other and I was pleased that this was going to turn out better than expected. I could hardly take my eyes off him; not only had he grown up but he had a confidence about him that made me stand to attention. We got in my car and drove back along the coast to the house, laughing and joking as we caught up on recent events. It felt good to have the company of another adult. Once back at the house, I headed for the kitchen, Matt following. “Can I get you a drink Matt?” I asked, setting two glasses on the side. “Something refreshing?”

He paused, eyeing the bottle of vodka I’d produced, obviously unsure if he was permitted to drink whilst under my roof. I laughed “You’re not a child anymore, join me won’t you?” I insisted. After all it really wasn’t going to be any fun drinking on my own. I bent to pull chilled lemonade and ice out of the fridge-freezer. Matt was animated as he told me about how his parents were always on his case back home. But in the middle of his lament he stuttered for a brief moment. I turned to look at him over my shoulder and could hardly believe it. I’d fully caught him staring at my ass whilst I’d bent over! Rather than chastise him for gaping at me I merely raised an eyebrow and teased “Matthew, did I just catch you staring at my bum?” He flushed at the question obviously embarrassed that he’d been caught out. I smiled and passed him a tall glass of vodka and lemonade. Our fingers brushed each other as I did so and I could hardly believe the spark of arousal I felt. It was delicious, naughty and incredibly horny. More to the point it had been such a long time since I’d had any sort of physical contact with Greg my husband. Until then I’d just tried to accept it, learnt to suppress my needs.

“Come on; let’s take these out to the terrace.” I invited, to break the moment, poor Matt struggling to conceal his blushes. Sitting out on the sun terrace we chatted about family, his college and his friends as we drank. It was glorious to have such a youthful injection around the place and I told him so.

“It gets incredibly tedious rattling round here by myself.” I complained, running a manicured nail up and down through the condensation on my glass. “Greg’s never home and even when he is; he’s holed up in his bloody office or on his phone!”

“Is Uncle Greg still a total work-a-holic then?” Greg grinned at me across the table, his teeth neat and white against his tan.

“You can laugh!” I chided, “He’s no fun at all, always too tied up with some business or other to spend any time or attention on me. Let’s just say I’m hardly ummmm fulfilled in the relationship.” I smiled wistfully at Matt. He didn’t reply immediately. “I mean I’m a woman, I have needs for crying out loud!” Before I could stop myself I began telling him how Greg and I didn’t even sleep in the same bed except on rare occasions, let alone have a satisfying sex life. Here I was, a woman in her prime and no outlet. I take meticulous care in myself and my appearance, exercising every single day to maintain my toned, slender figure. I regularly get my hair and nails done, my makeup always immaculate yet I was frequently left feeling bored, lonely and horny with no way of a release.

“I just don’t get it; surely I’m not going wrong somewhere?” I eyed Matt who took a long swig of his drink before shaking his head. “Way I see it Aunty Sylv, you’re doing everything right…” he trailed off taking another long gulp of vodka, draining his glass before continuing, “You’re in great condition, I mean, you’re hot!”

I couldn’t help but grin at him; it wasn’t everyday a fit young man paid me such compliments. A warm and tingling sensation began to seep over me, a sort of sexual frisson that I didn’t want to ignore. I tried to blame it on the heat and the vodka or maybe having skipped lunch but I could not deny the fact he had turned me on. Feeling the effects of the sun, Matt stood and removed his T-Shirt, pulling it over his head to reveal a wonderfully toned torso and I bit my bottom lip at the sight of him. “My word Matt, you really have grown up haven’t you?” I sighed. If I wasn’t much mistaken, I briefly saw the bulge in his shorts before he sat firmly back down, the table offering cover.

We continued to converse for a while longer; I listened as he told me about some of the antics he got up to with his college buddies.” So do you have a girlfriend?” I asked innocently, I hadn’t heard him mention if he had or not and was curious. Ok, more than a little curious! It intrigued me whether he was sexually active or not. Surely he would be getting plenty of action; he was after all a catch. To my suprise he answered “No, nothing serious Aunty Sylv, I mean I’ve had a few dates and stuff…”

“Surely a fit young man like you would have been snapped up super fast? All those young college girls, I’m sure you could have your pick!” I exclaimed, “If I had half a chance I’d be straight in there!” I flirted, winking at him cheekily, delighting again as I saw a faint blush appear. Leaving him with that thought I went back into the house to fix more drinks for the both of us, a generous slug of vodka in each glass. I felt almost breathless, like my insides were fizzing and bubbling away, my mood becoming rapidly more and more aroused by the minute. I paused to run the cold lemonade bottle over my neck, gasping at the cold against my skin but also relishing the shivers it sent through me, like kisses of ice on my neck. I mused to myself at how much better real kisses would feel…

The heat outside was becoming more intense and I suggested having a dip in the outdoor Jacuzzi to cool off. I was desperate to strip out of my clothes, despite them being as lightweight as they were. My arousal was doing nothing to help matters either. Matt agreed eagerly, “Yeah why not.” I watched him tip his drink down his throat greedily. Smiling I took his glass, “Better get you another refill eh?” and headed back inside once more to replenish his glass and to change.

I was in no doubt about which swimsuit I was going to wear. Standing in front of the enormous bedroom mirror I admired my reflection, proud that my dedication to exercise really did pay off. I adjusted my round, firm breasts (a gift from Greg when he had still desired me!) so that they sat perfectly in the soft hammocks of the white designer bikini. The briefs flattered my firm cheeks and thighs and the whole look was complimented by my all over tan. Keeping my heels on I made my way back outside to the terrace to find Matt already immersed up to his shoulders in the Jacuzzi. I felt his gaze before I saw it, watching my every step across the terracotta. Knowing I looked good made me confidently strut towards him, hips swaying, tits bouncing ever so slightly with each step. If Matt had acted conservatively up to that point he most certainly abandoned any pretense at hiding his lustful feelings thereafter. He sat staring at me, open mouthed, a glazed expression on his face. Kicking my heels off, I carefully climbed into the Jacuzzi, smiling at Matt as I did so. The look in his eyes told me all I needed to know. Goosebumps invaded my skin as the cold water hit me, my nipples immediately hardening, standing erect under my bikini top. I saw Matt’s eyes travel downwards, his jaw dropping open further when he saw their hardness. I watched as his Adam’s Apple bobbed in his throat as he swallowed hard.

“Do you like what you see Matt? Do you like the look of my tits?” I enquired in a low voice, intently waiting his reply. He stammered, obviously struggling with his arousal and with the situation. I continued, “Your Uncle Greg never looks at me like that!…..” I slid closer so that I was sat right up next to him, my thigh brushing his as I did so. Matt let out a soft moan which only served to fuel my advances. I felt a surge of lust and desire for this gorgeous young man, a hunger that made me want to devour him completely. Instead I retained control and placed my hand on the top of his thigh, feeling him jump as I did so.

“Oh Matt…the heat makes me so damn horny…..” I began stroking my breasts with my free hand, letting droplets of cool water run off my fingertips and down in rivulets between them. I began stroking his muscled thigh suggestively, edging my fingers upwards until they reached his cock. I gasped in exhilaration as I felt its solid length bulging against the material of his shorts. I couldn’t wait to free it, to see it in all its glory. Smiling at him appreciatively I looked him straight in the eye, licked my lips and asked him ” Would you like to fuck me Matt?….” I’d be lying if I said I didn’t get a total rush of power from feeling how turned on Matt was, how hard his twitching cock was for me. I knew it was an offer he couldn’t possibly refuse. All he could do was nod at me, letting out a low moan as I released his engorged member from his shorts, his eyes slowly closing as I wrapped my fingers tightly around his shaft.

Oh and how amazing it felt to feel the heat and thickness of him in my hand. As I began expertly stroking him he groaned in pleasure and I could feel my own arousal mounting, intense heat mounting between my thighs, my pussy beginning to swell. I needed to taste him, a need so strong that I ordered him to sit up on the shallow steps of the Jacuzzi for me. I wasted no time at all and inch by delicious inch I took his cock in my mouth, consuming it greedily until its swollen tip hit the back of my throat. I then slid him back out, running my tongue down his shaft and began licking and sucking on his tightening ball sac, swirling my tongue over his balls before plunging his cock back into my throat. Salty pre-cum smearing my lips as I did so. I could have easily cum myself at the sheer pleasure I felt at having his cock in my mouth, at his musky, salty taste. I wasn’ t the only one overcome by pleasure. I felt Matt’s balls retract and tighten, his hips pumping and grinding as his cock twitched, signaling he was about to cum for me. He groaned loudly as he lost control and fired jet after warm jet of salty cum into my mouth, until he had no more to give. He looked down at me, knelt between his thighs, obviously feeling embarrassed and disappointed that he had cum so fast.

“Oh I’ve far from finished with you yet Matty…” I grabbed his big strong hands and thrust them towards my tits, certain I would go crazy if he didn’t touch me there and then. Without any hesitation Matt roughly grabbed at my waiting breasts, before taking them in his mouth, nipping at my painfully hard nipples as he did so. Without any instruction he immediately began sucking furiously at them, his eyes fixed on mine with such a filthy stare.

“Oh Matt! Yeah that’s it; suck my tits, hard, yeah that’s it!” I cried out, ” I’m so fucking wet after taking all your cum in my throat!…” I moaned dirtily, reveling in the filthy words that poured from my mouth. Snatching his hand once more I forced his thick fingers deep inside my aching pussy, plunging them in over and over. “Can you feel all my lovely cunt juices Matty? Oh please, fuck me hard with your fingers! Get my pussy ready for your cock!….” I snarled between clenched teeth as I ground my cunt down onto those amazing fingers of his.

I could see that he was instantly turned on; by the effect he was having on my entire body, by my dirty talking, the whole scene, a fact that was confirmed when I grabbed hold of his prick once more. He was already growing harder by the second, a look of amazement flashed over his wonderfully chiseled features as he continued to furiously hammer my pussy with four fingers.

“Fuck yeah! You’re hard for me again Matt!…” I moaned in ecstasy at this. Matt’s confidence soared as he realised his cock was hardening with a vengeance and he said in an authoritative tone “I’m glad you made me cum before, now I can fuck you good and hard. Is that what you want?”

“Oh Matt, I want you to fuck me really hard!…” I wailed, turning away from him to face the smooth side of the Jacuzzi. I jutted out my hips and arse, offering myself to him and as I did so I looked over my shoulder at him. Needing no further prompting Matt got right up behind me and parted my arse cheeks, rubbing his cock over me, teasing me with his girth, nudging his cock ever closer to where I needed him most.

“Fuck me now Matt! I mean it, fuck my pussy good and hard!” I pleaded with him, already feeling the first spasms of climax. With that Matt furiously rammed the entire length of his dick right inside my soaking slit, slamming it in and out repeatedly making me scream in an all consuming mixture of pleasure and pain. He tore at my breasts as he fucked me and I threw my head back, my hands between my thighs furiously rubbing at my clit. Never had I felt so filled, so totally invaded. Matt gave me such a great hard fucking, never relenting until I finally began to cum. It was the hardest I’ve ever cum in my life and I shouted and moaned and screamed as I felt my pussy contract in what seemed like a million spasms. At feeling my cunt muscles gripping every part of his shaft, Matt started to cum again and I took every last bit deep inside my swollen, dripping pussy.

It took us a good while to recover, clinging to the side of the Jacuzzi, gasping and panting. We were both completely sated. I couldn’t help but break out into the biggest, widest grin ever as I felt the last waves of my orgasm melt away…. That summer Matt and I were inseparable, spending most of the days and nights exploring and invading each other’s bodies until we were too exhausted to go on. I have so many horny, dirty tales I could tell you of those secret, hidden moments we shared….but they’re stories for another day.

Lusty Soul – My Talented New Friend


I don't look. I let life find me.
I don’t look. I let life find me.

Introducing my new friend, the lovely & talented Lusty!… If you are looking for reads that make you twitch in your seat, hot under the collar and breathless in 10 seconds flat, then Lusty’s stories are a must for you! So what you waiting for? Go see!

Parents Away, Time to Play! (Part II)


Part II

She turned to pass Ben his drink and their arms brushed against one another. Not hesitating, Ben seized the moment and pulled Shelby against him before tilting his head to kiss her. Far from recoiling, Shelby returned his kiss, amazed at how good his lips felt, at how hot he was making her just by kissing her. His hands wandered lower, squeezing her arse tightly as he did so, pulling her closer still. She had made out with other lads before, even gone as far as some heavy petting but nothing compared with what she was experiencing at that moment with Ben. As his fingers explored under her top and found their way to her pert young tits, she could have yelped at the pleasure he gave her, slowly caressing her then teasing her nipples whilst licking and kissing her neck. She found herself grinding her groin against his leg, as he played with her breasts, totally consumed in the horny sensations he seemed to fill her with.                                                                          “Mmmm Shells…. ” he murmured in her ear as she boldly rubbed the hardness concealed in his jeans.

Pleased that she was making him feel good too she carried on rubbing his cock in gentle circular movements, amazed once more at how he seemed to grow bigger and bigger with each touch. She didn’t even flinch when Ben’s fingers found their way under her short denim skirt, nor when they began stroking gently at her pussy through the material of her panties. Instead she nodded for him to go further still and delve beneath them. They both gasped as he did so, Shelby feeling the heat of his fingertips on her bare skin for the first time, Ben reacting to the damp, bare pussy lips he discovered there. A soft moan escaped her pretty young mouth as Ben slowly rubbed at her little clit, making her shudder in pleasure. With this she fumbled at his jeans, finally managing to pull his cock free. She loved the feel of him, the smoothness of his solid shaft, the way he sighed as she began stroking him and the way it’s tip leaked tears of pre-cum onto her fingers. She could hardly stifle her frequent moans as Ben ventured further still and slid one of his thick fingers inside her already well lubricated pussy. “This ok?…” he asked in a voice barely a whisper but she couldn’t trust her voice and nodded her consent instead, not ever wanting him to take his fingers away. This was totally new territory, yes she’d been touched a little in the past, but never had she felt such strong rushes of pleasure.

“Do you like me touching your tight little pussy Shells?….”

Ben grew bolder himself, seeing the way in which Shelby responded to his slightest touch. Not only that but the way in which she played with and stroked his aching cock was just right, he became even more turned on just by watching her slender fingers wrap around his length, wanking him to perfection. Again he turned his attention to her tits, easing her top up with his spare hand and lowering his head to take a small pink nipple between his lips, running his tongue over and over it which in turn caused a soft cry from Shelby.

“Mmmmm Ben, that feels…. so good…”

With that he buried a second finger inside her, watching as her eyes widened, mouth opening, a look of utter ecstasy bathing her features. “Oh my god….please…oh….” He paused, checking she was ok and to his suprise she pushed his fingers deeper. “I think I’m going to….” she moaned, not caring how loud she was.

“Fuckin hell Shells…are you going to cum for me?…”

He stared back at her intently and she nodded with incredible effort, her eyes glazing over before they rolled back into her head. Her entire body shuddered, her legs threatening to buckle under her. Ben pulled her tightly against him in order to keep her upright as the waves of pleasure consumed her. She buried her face in the crook of his neck, stifling her cries. After a long moment Shelby finally came back to her senses and felt suddenly overcome with shyness at her abandon. Ben gently held her by her shoulders, searching her face but Shelby couldn’t meet his gaze.

“Hey Shells…are you alright?…” he asked, his voice laden with concern. He gently nudged her chin up and they made eye contact.

“I’m ok…it’s just…I never felt that way before…” she murmured softly, feeling her cheeks turning pink.

Ben held her gaze, his lips curling into a soft smile, “Awww Shells. Look, maybe I took this too far? I shouldn’t have pushed you…”

Shelby shook her head vigorously “No Ben! Please don’t say that… It was amazing…” she trailed off, biting her bottom lip.

“But?…” Ben coaxed her gently, stroking a wisp of hair from her face. “Why the worried face?”

“I just…I want to make you feel good too…” she stammered, looking away.

Ben chuckled and squeezed her warmly “Oh what are you like? Just watching you cum like that gives me more pleasure than you could know!..” He leant in and kissed her, his soft lips enveloping hers, drawing her into a deep clinche. Searching out her tongue with his, Ben pressed his body against hers setting off fresh ripples in her stomach. Feeling his hardness pressing against her rapidly made Shelby discard her fears and she kissed him back greedily. Her fingers ventured under the fabric of Ben’s T-Shirt to discover a toned, smooth torso. She sighed in delight at her find and relished the feel of his skin, moving her lips from his lips down to his neck to lick and nibble there. A sigh escaped Ben’s lips as she flicked her tongue over his erroganous zone and she felt her heart skip a beat as she became aware of his increasing arousal. Ben grabbed her firmly by her hips, grinding his groin into hers over and over. She could feel the slick fluids seep steadily from her.

All concern now expelled from her mind, she broke free from their embrace to sink to her knees before him, gazing up steadily as she did so, watching his face to gauge his reaction. She was rewarded swiftly as Ben gasped, “Oh my God…You look so sexy down there!…”

Smiling coyly she freed his cock, taking a moment to appraise his impressive member before exploring his solid shaft with her finger tips. Gently stroking and caressing him she met his eye again and noted that his gaze was riveted upon her.Without hesitation she licked her lips in anticipation and cast her gaze to his groin once more. She could feel his thick column pulse under her touch and softly gasped as she noted silvery fluids leaking from it’s tip. Shelby was fascinated by him; without thinking she thrust out her tongue and flicked it over his fleshy tip, gathering his pre cum as she went. It tasted nice, warm and faintly salty and she licked at his eye a few more times which elicited a low soft groan from Ben. His fingers were tangled in her freshly washed hair, gently guiding her onto his cock. He twitched violently as she stretched her lovely soft mouth to accommodate him bit by bit. Shelby felt lust and excitement course through her like an electric current as she took more of Ben between her lips, her fingers stroking the base in time.


His sighs grew more urgent as her courage grew, her lips sealed tightly around him and her nimble tongue swirled along his silky smooth head and length. She was delighted by the way Ben rolled his hips each time she lowered her head and she reveled in his obvious arousal. Who would have thought that she would be on her knees pleasing the hottest guy around! He smelt divine down there too, fresh and clean, his skin scented like fabric softener. Her free hand encircled his balls now, gently fondling and stroking them. Ben’s hips gathered momentum and began gently bucking up to meet her face each time she slid her mouth lower.

“That’s so….good Shells….Slow babes, slow down a bit…”

Ben gasped, his voice husky and raw with an emotion Shelby could only hope was desire. She looked up at him from under her eyelashes to see how he was doing and was blown away by the expression that met her. His eyes were dark, his pupils dilated, his curls hanging damply on his forehead.

“Shells…stop for a minute…” He managed to stammer,gently extricating himself from her lips.

Shelby wasn’t sure how to react, she thought she was doing a pretty good job of sucking his delicious dick…So why was he pulling away? Seeing her puzzled expression and eager to put her mind at rest, Ben smiled broadly at her.

“Fucking hell Shells….If I let you carry on doing that, it’ll be game over babe!”

“Was I doing it right though?…”

Ben shook his head and ran his hands through his hair before answering

“You’re amazing, so good that you’ll make me blow my load everywhere if you keep going, besides… There’s a lot more I’d like to do to you before the night’s over….”

His voice was full of meaning, the air between them crackled with potent and mutual want. Shelby’s heart began hammering in her chest once more and she could feel moist arousal starting to seep from her sex.

“I’d like that too Ben…” She managed to respond, feeling as though she was underwater, everything had gone into slow motion around them.

“Not down here though… Come upstairs to my room?…”

Ben smiled down at her and offered her his hands, helping her back to her feet before pulling her in close to him. With his soft lips pressed against her cheek he murmured gently,

“No pressure though Shells, only if you want to…”

Damn right she wanted to! Her body demanded it, her tight moist pussy was screaming out for more Ben. They went upstairs and into Shelby’s bedroom, not bothering to fully close the door behind them, far too occupied with one another.

“I can’t wait to run my tongue all over you..right here…” Ben growled at her, his inquisitive fingers stroking between her trembling thighs.

She cried out softly, wanting him so badly. When they both fell onto her bed and became tangled up in each other she felt as though her entire body was consumed with a crazy desperate need….

Coming to, Maddox rubbed at his bleary eyes and found himself slumped against the bathroom wall where he had obviously crashed out earlier. Thanking God that he no longer felt nauseous, he stood and splashed his face with cold water at the sink, before meandering out onto the landing. He wondered if the party was still in full swing downstairs and shook his head at his lack of staying power. He could hear music still playing in the lounge and decided he’d go back and join his mate and his sister. Passing Shelby’s bedroom door, he could’ve sworn he heard moans coming from inside. He took a few steps further, then stopped in his tracks when he heard a definite cry of pleasure from his Sister’s room…..

Confused as to who the moans and groans belonged to, he paused to consider the situation for a moment. Pure curiosity made him walk back to her door and he stood there listening. Through the crack in the door he saw Ben between Shelby’s thighs on her bed. Whatever his friend was doing to her she was certainly enjoying it…. He felt a distinct surge to arousal himself, his dick got hard in seconds flat as he spied on them and listened to his sister’s cries of pleasure. Stroking himself he watched for a few moments longer, then stepped quietly inside to join them…..


 Coming soon…. Part III!!

Parents Away, Time to Play!

Starts with a kiss...

Starts with a kiss…

Part I

Shelby was sulking. Sprawled across the sofa and bored out of her mind, she stared vacantly at some dross on the TV set. Ordinarily the summer break would have been a busy time socially for her, however this year it seemed like most of her friends had booked to go away within days of each other, or had moved to pastures new for college in the autumn. What made it extra irritating was the fact that her parents, for the first time in history, had deemed Shelby and her older brother Maddox adult enough to fend for themselves for a week whilst they went away to visit relatives. Normally she would have danced around in glee and admittedly at first the whole home-alone thing was pretty cool, until the novelty wore off and the reality of having to get her own meals and do her own laundry and tidy up after one messy older brother finally dawned on her.

“Hey sis! Why the long face?” called her brother cheerfully as he walked into the lounge, pulling daft faces at her as he did so.

“I’m bored…” she sighed, “What you up to?” looking at him hoping for some kind of relief from her tedium.

“I’m about to go fetch Ben, grab some beers and embark on an X-Box comp. What about you Billy No Mates? Any wild parties planned?” He laughed playfully and on seeing her expression chucked a cushion at her.

“X-Box comp? Nerd Alert! Maddox how old are you?” Shelby retorted, summing up the energy to skim the offending cushion back at her older brother, missing by mere inches.

“Sounds better than being Billy in front of the TV sis! Oh actually you’ll have to shift over when we get back, things are going to get pretty messed up in here!”

Shelby rolled her eyes and sighed again. Feeling sorry for his little sister he placated “Might let you have a beer or two though, if you coöperate of course.”

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em thought Shelby to herself, nodding. “So who’s coming over then, just Ben?”

Maddox nodded, stuffing his large feet into equally large trainers, “Yeah just Ben.”

At least that was 1 turn up for the books she thought. Ben had always been the fittest of Maddox’s various mates, with his sandy hair and deep blue eyes and not to mention his lean athletic body which made him über popular with the girls. Ben had been close to Maddox since they were both little kids and was like one of the family. Shelby had to admit to secretly having a mild crush on him and as Maddox left to fetch his friend Shelby headed upstairs to shower and change, least she could do to ease her boredom she thought.

An hour later the three of them were sat in the lounge, patio doors wide open to let some cool evening air waft into the room, music turned up loud on the stereo and the beers were going down smoothly. All in all a much more entertaining way to spend her evening, even if it was watching two buffoons battling one another on the X-Box. She consoled herself by thinking “I can think of dozens of girls who’d pay just to be sat in here tonight, gazing adoringly at Benny-Boy…”.

Two bottles of beer later they had persuaded Shelby to join in the games and she started to have fun, especially whilst Ben was trying in earnest to teach her what to press on the control pad.

“God Shells, how many have you had?” laughed Ben as yet again she had her arse royally kicked.

“Ummm yeah good point that, how many have you put away sis?” Maddox stood with his hands on his hips, eyebrows raised inquiringly.

“Oh give over Maddox, it’s not like I’m pissed!” she laughed at him, “Soz Mum!” she added before creasing up in peels of laughter.

“Just take it easy, ok?” he scolded, wandering to the kitchen for more beers.

They played for a while longer before deciding to battle over what music to play. By now they were all fairly well oiled, the atmosphere was fun and Shelby felt part of the gang, albeit three strong. The two lads disappeared for a short while into the kitchen, whilst Shelby sorted through a playlist of CDs. After ten minutes had passed she decided to go and see what they were up to. They didn’t hear her padding barefoot into the kitchen over the noise of the music and both Maddox and Ben jumped as she asked what they were up to. Both looked rather sheepishly, Maddox giving the game away by trying conceal something on the counter behind him.

“Maddox, what you hiding?!” Shelby challenged boisterously, trying to peer over their shoulders. “Come on, I’m not a kid!….” She pouted.

Ben eyed Maddox and turned to her “Well, you gotta promise not to go blabbing….”

“Mate!” Maddox elbowed Ben but it was too late. Shelby could see the heap of white powder on the chopping board, several neat lines divided up next to it.

“Is that what I think it is?…” she asked open-mouthed. “Is that coke?”

“Yeah sis, but please don’t go shooting your mouth off.” Maddox replied shaking his head, well and truly busted.

“Hmmm….” she considered, “What’s my silence worth?” She tried to keep a straight face, inwardly knowing there was no way she was going to be left out.

The two lads looked at each other, battling with their consciences. As if reading their minds she added, “I’m not a little girl anymore and wouldn’t you rather me try it for the first time with you guys?”

This last comment sealed the deal and reluctantly at first Maddox chopped up a small line for Shelby, showing her how to snort it quickly up through the rolled up bank-note, up her nose. At first it made Shelby’s eyes water but she soon got the hang of it and it wasn’t long before she started to come up on it, a feeling of euphoria and energy running through her veins. So the night continued, the three of them getting steadily and comfortably wasted together. Once the beer was gone, Ben produced a bottle of vodka he had procured from his parents drinks cabinet. Buoyed on by the alcohol and the coke their inhibitions disappeared and Shelby was glad that Maddox had dropped the whole protective big brother routine for the night. She’d also noticed Ben holding her gaze several times, each time she caught his eye she felt a fluttering in the pit of her stomach and was sure he was looking at her more and more frequently.

It was well into the early hours and they were still going strong, Maddox had gone upstairs to use the toilet, complaining of feeling sick, leaving Shelby and Ben alone together in the kitchen, chopping up more lines and knocking back shots of vodka.

“You’re pretty hardcore for a young girl Shells!” grinned Ben, as he accepted the shot she had poured for him. “You sure you ain’t done this before?”

Shelby laughed and winked at him playfully, “What can I say? I’m a natural!” She could hardly believe how confident she was feeling, here she was flirting with Ben, only the hottest guy around….

“Awww Shells!….” Ben slung his arm around her protectively. “I remember when you were just a little girl!”

“Don’t go getting all nostalgic on me Benny-Boy! Besides, I’m all grown up now, see?!…” She twirled around for him.

He nodded in approval, “Oh, I can see!….”

Their eyes met and they held eye contact for a long moment before Shelby giggled and went to pour another couple of shots for them both. Ben watched her as she did so, openly appraising her pretty slim frame, pondering to himself as he did so why he hadn’t noticed sooner, maybe it was the drugs taking effect but whatever it was she was getting him horny as hell. Meanwhile Shelby was pondering her own thoughts, was she reading all this right? She didn’t want to make a move only to get the knock-back, she would never live that one down….

Stay tuned for the next installment!…..