Clandestine Couplings – Two Get it On!

Clue’s in the title! Introducing to you a selection of stories about horny two-somes who get it well and truly on! 

There’s Sasha, the young lady who’s wearily commuting home after enduring a rather tenuous  day at the office. She has her sights set on a long soak in a hot bath with a large glass of wine for company. However, the dark eyed stranger who blatantly stares at her on board the packed train, has other ideas altogether!….

Next, we meet Sammy. Stranded on a country road out in the sticks, her car having died a death and nightfall approaching, she calls a garage for roadside assistance. The engineer finally arrives after an age, much to Sammy’s annoyance but her chagrin is soon forgotten – her car isn’t the only one to get a good service!

Then there’s adventurous couple Rafe and Birthday Girl Ellie who add excitement to a celebratory meal in a posh restaurant. Let’s just say, this kind of proves men really do hog the remote!….


Watch this space, there’s much more to come!…

Daddy Discipline




Nothing like being thrown straight in at the deep end!  Take a look at the Daddy Discipline page – it’s a veritable feast of nastiness, borderline taboo and a little close to the knuckle perhaps for some… For those of you, who like me, have a darker nature, they’ll be right up your street!

Daddy Discipline is a trilogy, a three part story of a Strict Disciplinarian who serves up his very own brand of punishment to his Slutty Daughter…and later her friend too! Enough from me, wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. What you waiting for?!

Newbie Alert!…


Greetings fellow filth fans and lovers of all things erotic! Joking apart, let me introduce myself to you… I’m Lexi Thornton also known as Lady Minx, proud author of a growing back catalogue of erotic fiction and feverish scribblings!

I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember, since I was knee high to a grasshopper! Putting pen to paper and letting the words that churn and tumble around my chaotic mind, spill out across the page before me…Well it’s always seemed to make sense. Five years ago, I turned my hand to writing sexy, thrilling accounts of lust and desire… I never looked back! From that first story penned back in 2007, my writing has matured (in every sense of the word) and these days I often find my stories taking a dark, delicious path, resulting in sheer filth!

After keeping my stories and for that matter, my innermost fantasies, under lock and key, I realised it was high time to take a deep breath and take the plunge into the unknown. Now they are laid bare, spread eagled, for everyone to read and I hope, enjoy. If my erotic forays can bring you as much spine tingling pleasure, if they can get your pulses racing and your juices flowing (as mine do whilst writing them!) then I shall be one very happy Minxi indeed!

So… Feel free to nose around, delve into the silken crevices, immerse yourself in the erotic encounters I offer…I promise you won’t be left unsatisfied 🙂


Forget the house that Jack built….These are the words Lexi writes!… Not your average pic-a-nic basket BooBoo by any means, Lexi Thornton (AKA Lady Minx)  serves up tasty delectable morsels of erotica for her audience to devour greedily! Having grown weary and despondent from supressing all her passion,lustful thoughts and sultry imaginings, Lexi finally smelt the coffee – a new day dawned!

Take a trip along the silken corridors of Lexi’s  most intimate and secret conscious and immerse yourself in pure and undiluted irresistible fantasy… Be it an account of wanton animalistic need that just has to be sated… Or an expression of amourous sensuality that reaches a fever pitch crescendo of ecstacy, Lady delivers every time….


Lexi Has Landed!