Wicked and yet so damn good, Love the tension, the taunting and the very happy ending!

Erotica Everywhere

There are some things that everyman expects of his woman. Didn’t Dolly say, “Stand by your man?” Well, that’s what I expected. But oooohhh no! That was just too much to expect from Houseguest.

I’m not one to keep things to myself; Houseguest is well aware of how pissed off I was to see another man eat her pussy, when it’s off limits to me. Even if I’m the one, who chose for it to be off-limits. I’m dying through sex starvation, and she is there getting feasted on!

And as for Rick! That man told me more lies than Richard Nixon. He has turned out to be one of those predatory submissives.

It’s time to put my house in order, as only Robert knows how: a night of sadomasochistic torture for them both!

No better way to do this than at the beast’s lair. Houseguest was given strict instructions:…

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