My New Trilogy!


At long last, Lissy’s adventures are in print and I’m so excited I thought I’d share them with you! 

It starts in a packed out night club, Lissy finds herself alone, her mates have disappeared into the crowds. She toughs it out by heading to the dance floor and hearing her favourite house music tunes she lets the beats take control… She doesn’t stay alone for very long and is seduced by two mystery strangers right there on the dance floor!….

After her breath-taking frisson in the club, Lissy’s night is far from over! In fact her adventures have only just begun – her two new sexy companions invite her back with them to La Maison Rouge where they have a penthouse suite that’s crying out for a woman’s touch… and then some!….

Hope you enjoy reading my latest filthy torrid work as much as I enjoyed myself writing every single word and if you do (and you’re feeling generous!) please feel free to leave some feedback!

Enjoy peeps!….

Lexi xoxo

2 thoughts on “My New Trilogy!

  1. A lust-filled romp, with a sensual eros that captures the sexual energy of the characters and the reader……… Thank you !


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