Been a While …

Long time no see...

Long time no see…

So….. It’s been a rather long time since I brought anything to the Dining Table of Lust! That said I certainly haven’t shown up empty handy 🙂

Today’s erotic delicacies consist of two new lust fueled stories for you to feast upon. … “Jim’ll Fix Her” is a rather saucy dish (or should I say the leading man is!) and tells of a red hot tryst between spoilt housewife Ruby and Jamie the strapping young plumber who not only fixes her troublesome pipework but gives Ruby a thorough seeing to!…

Next up comes (no pun intended!) the luscious tale of Sasha and Aimee, two besties, who after a predominantly liquid lunch embark on some seriously sexy ermmm retail therapy! Not to mention an impromtu lust-fest… behind a velvet curtain….


So, enjoy! Hope you’re licking your lips already! xoxo



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