Chasing Skin


Best Sex in the Universe Blog

She’s beautiful when she’s horny. She’s radiant during sex. I like to eat her. Like pudding. Licking an invisible spoon coated with her cream. I like to sip her slowly. Dry wine spike with dollops of sweet honey.

Her devilish thigh kisses and cooing breasts are all the nourishment I need.

For her I am always hungry. Starving for more. The feast of her flesh. It consumes me. A paradox most satisfying. I lose myself inside her. Swallowed up in the journey of her touch. A traveller lost.

She tastes, but does not swallow. Open mouth. Wagging tongue. Her womanhood ruptures. Soaks my lips. Stains my method.

She’s barely a woman. And yet, that is what she’s always been. Soft folds pet the wolves as they hunt. Sticky with the moment.

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