Limited by my muse

Hit the nail on the proverbial head! Brilliant piece!

One Handed Writers

7362428_s One thing I’ve learned in my ten years of being an author  When it comes to writing, a muse is the most sensitive frustrating thing that an author must face.

Back in December my personal life took a hard hit and my muse, the delicate little creature it is, scurried into the recesses of my mind to hide.  Unfortunately for me, it remained there, refusing to come out for the next four months.

Last month I’d pretty much given up any hope of ever seeing my muse again.  I accepted the fact that maybe it was time to move on to other creative endeavors.  So I turned my focus over to my other passion…creating cover art.  I’m extremely adept at Photoshop and love creating something from nothing.

I guess, in a way my muse returned taking up another form, but however you want to say it I put the…

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