Painful Passion


She Spins Words

This is my craving ā€“ imagined in my mind and manifested through my words..

I am awake,
I see through magnified eyes.
My senses are alive,
My mind has gone wild.

Thoughts drenched in lust,
My want for you in ferocious.
Iā€™m wallowing in your exotic intoxication.
I breathe you in.

Your tongue swells in a river of sweet, warm honey.
Your eyes are ants crawling over my body.
Razor blade teeth tear away any remaining lace.
You hold me hoisted in your suction cup.

You press hard and tease me with feather light tickles.
I sink into divine surrealness.
Metallic red sneaks between my lips ā€“ blood.
You leave your prints in black and blue.

Legs vibrating, back arching, stomach convulsing.
I etch my passion into your shimmering flesh.
You are pumping, thumping, groaning.
Liquid gold drips from your finger tips.

You coat me in a delightfully sticky mess,

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