I’m Back!…. Run For The Hills!


Soooo… (dawdles awkardly, playing coyly with her ponytail) After a rather ahem, extended sebatacle from all things fiction it would appear I’ve sloped back like the Proverbial! 

I’m feeling rather rusty so please bear with! Bear with! I’m going to finally dust off my notebooks filled with the feverish scribblings of a woman no less than possessed. I’d really appreciate any encouragement or feedback you kind folks may want to impart. If nothing else I’m always happy to meet bright new & shiny people! If you have a penchant for all things ranging from the saucy to the deviant come say hi!

I’ve put up my latest story “The Intruder” for anyone who fancies reading it, it took me all day as I’ve pretty much forgotten how to manage my Blog tut tut 😉 

Hope to speak soon

Lexia x

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