Summer at Aunt Sylvia’s


Summer at Aunt Sylvia’s


It was the summer holidays and having bummed around the house long enough to irritate my Mother I was packed off to go and stay with my Aunt Sylvia for a few weeks. I wasn’t particularly bothered by this, most of my college friends were away on holiday and I’d grown bored of lazing around the house and getting nagged at. Besides, my Aunt and Uncle were well off and lived in a house that was way too big for just the two of them to rattle around in. After a rather tedious train journey on a sweaty, packed train I finally arrived at the station to be greeted by my Aunt waving enthusiastically at me. I’d always enjoyed staying with her growing up as she was fairly relaxed and let me stay up late, drink beer and the like, in all she was cool. As for my Uncle, well he was frequently busy on a business trip or golfing with his cronies and spent very little time at the house.


My Aunt hugged me and then holding me away from her she remarked how much I’d grown up since my last visit and how handsome I’d become. I laughed sheepishly, shrugging off the compliment before getting in the car with her and making our way to the house. Once inside she made us both iced drinks with a healthy measure of vodka in each glass, chattering away as she did so. I watched on, noticing as she bent over to grab the lemonade from the bottom shelf of the fridge. She had on really short shorts that fitted snugly and I caught an eyeful of her shapely arse as she bent over. Now I have to admit that for an older woman, my Aunt is a bit of a looker. Although a lady of leisure she takes good care of herself and it showed, her figure trim, legs toned and tanned. I glanced away as she turned to ask me something. Busted! She gave me a quizzical look and asked me had I been staring at her bum! Embarrassed I tried to bluff my way out of it but she was no fool, seeing the colour in my cheeks betraying me. She teased me playfully then passed my drink letting her fingers linger on my hand for a moment before suggesting we take our drinks outside.


It was an extremely hot day, the sun high in the sky, burning down on us as we sat on the terrace. We chatted for a while about college, then about Uncle Greg. She told me how he was hardly ever home, total work-a-holic who rarely found time to spend with her. She looked all wistful for a moment and I felt awkward. She went on to tell me how it had been so long since they’d slept in the same bed let alone had sex, “ I’m a woman, I have needs for godsake!” she complained, telling me how she got so bored, lonely and very horny with no way to relieve these feelings other than to sort herself out. I wasn’t certain if it was the heat, the vodka or her but I felt uncomfortably hot and even worse I’d felt my cock twitch a little as I listened to her. Not being able to stand it much longer I peeled off my T-shirt and saw the way in which she ran her eyes over my torso.


“My word, you certainly have grown up Matt!” she commented, openly appraising my body. Again my cock reacted by growing harder in my shorts and I sat back down quickly, not wanting to make it obvious. We chatted a little while longer then she asked if I had a girlfriend to which I told her no, nothing serious. Truth be known I’d had a little action at college but hey, not nearly enough for a young and horny lad. It was surprising that I hadn’t gone blind the amount of time I’d spent wanking myself daft behind closed doors. Aunt Sylvia expressed mock surprise at this, exclaiming that surely a fit young man like me would be snapped up straight away and that given half a chance she’d get straight in there! At that she went to fetch more drinks leaving me reeling from what she’d said. On her return she remarked at how hot it was and that maybe we should have a dip in the Jacuzzi to cool off. Agreeing, I knocked most of my drink back thinking to myself, “Fuck it! Why not? “


My Aunt returned to the house to refill my glass and to change into her swimming gear. Deciding that I’d just leave my shorts on I climbed into the chilled water of the Jacuzzi, sinking down up to my shoulders to get used to the temperature. Aunt Sylvia reappeared and my eyes nearly popped out of my head as she casually strutted towards me wearing nothing but the tiniest of bikini bottoms, her round tits bouncing slightly with each step. By now the vodka I’d slung down my throat was taking its effect and I openly stared at her, mouth open at the sight of her nearly naked body. Kicking off her heels, she climbed on in to join me, smiling at my expression. Despite the cold water my cock lurched to life and I could feel myself growing hornier by the second as the water lapped around her making her small pink nipples go hard. Seeing where my eyes were fixed she grinned and asked me did I like them. I stammered not sure what to say. She moved over to sit right next to me and I felt her thigh brush mine. “Your uncle never looks at me like that….” She began, slowly placing her hand on the top of my leg, causing me to gulp. “God…the heat makes me so horny Matt.” I watched as her other hand started to caress her tits, the hand on my leg stroking my thigh suggestively until she reached my by now rock solid cock. She smiled appreciatively, then she asked if I’d like to fuck her! What could I do? Here I was with a horny older woman who was offering me sex on a plate, how could I refuse?


She released my throbbing cock from my shorts and began wanking it slowly, her grip and technique just right. I groaned with pleasure as she proceeded to bob under the water and take my shaft into her mouth right the way down to the base before coming back up for air. Instructing me to move up to the higher step she went straight to work on me, sucking at my cock and my tightening ball sack in a way I’d never experienced before and she started to suck me deeper, right into the back of her throat and before I could stop it I shot my hot spunk down her neck, groaning loudly as I did so. I felt a little embarrassed that I’d shot my load so fast but just the sight of her sucking on my cock had pushed me over the edge.


Far from ending things there, my Aunt grabbed my hands and thrust them on her tits and I couldn’t resist nipping at her nipples whilst I was at it. She let out an excited moan, talking filthy to me as I did. “Yeah that’s it, take my tits in your mouth Matt…oh fuck yeah I’m so wet after taking your cum in my throat!…” Grabbing my hand again she forced my fingers into her pussy allowing me to feel her hot juicy cunt swallowing my fingers each time they plunged inside her. “Oh Matt, fuck me hard with your fingers, get my pussy ready for your cock!” she almost screamed at me. With this her fingers returned to wrap around my prick and amazed I felt it twitch back to life as I enthusiastically hammered her pussy with four fingers. It wasn’t long before I was harder than the first time round glad now that I’d gotten the first cum out of the way, knowing I’d be able to fuck her good and hard without shooting too soon.


Seeing that I was good and ready to go my Aunt Sylvia turned to face the side of the Jacuzzi, offering me her upturned arse, looking over her shoulder at me she ordered me to fuck her. Without hesitation I got right up behind her my cock rubbing against her arse cheeks, nudging its way towards her pussy. “Fuck me now Matt, I mean it, fuck my cunt as hard as you can!” Never one to be asked twice I thrust my cock right into her waiting slit as forcefully as I could, reaching round to her tits, grabbing roughly at them as I banged my cock deep into her over and over until she was screaming, her head thrown back, a hand between her legs rubbing furiously at her clit. I fucked her hard just as she had asked until finally she started to cum hard, shouting and moaning utter filth to me as her cunt tightened around my cock, literally sucking my cum out of me. Again my hot spunk pumped out of me, this time deep inside my Aunt Sylvia’s dripping pussy.


Gasping for air we both slumped back for a moment trying to catch our breath…..


Needless to say I thoroughly enjoyed my stay at my Aunt and Uncle’s that long hot summer, neither myself nor my Aunt Sylvia stayed frustrated for long, grabbing every chance going to fuck each other senseless all over the house and grounds. Hardly surprising that I was invited to extend my stay!…..


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