Parents Away, Time to Play!

Starts with a kiss...

Starts with a kiss…

Part I

Shelby was sulking. Sprawled across the sofa and bored out of her mind, she stared vacantly at some dross on the TV set. Ordinarily the summer break would have been a busy time socially for her, however this year it seemed like most of her friends had booked to go away within days of each other, or had moved to pastures new for college in the autumn. What made it extra irritating was the fact that her parents, for the first time in history, had deemed Shelby and her older brother Maddox adult enough to fend for themselves for a week whilst they went away to visit relatives. Normally she would have danced around in glee and admittedly at first the whole home-alone thing was pretty cool, until the novelty wore off and the reality of having to get her own meals and do her own laundry and tidy up after one messy older brother finally dawned on her.

“Hey sis! Why the long face?” called her brother cheerfully as he walked into the lounge, pulling daft faces at her as he did so.

“I’m bored…” she sighed, “What you up to?” looking at him hoping for some kind of relief from her tedium.

“I’m about to go fetch Ben, grab some beers and embark on an X-Box comp. What about you Billy No Mates? Any wild parties planned?” He laughed playfully and on seeing her expression chucked a cushion at her.

“X-Box comp? Nerd Alert! Maddox how old are you?” Shelby retorted, summing up the energy to skim the offending cushion back at her older brother, missing by mere inches.

“Sounds better than being Billy in front of the TV sis! Oh actually you’ll have to shift over when we get back, things are going to get pretty messed up in here!”

Shelby rolled her eyes and sighed again. Feeling sorry for his little sister he placated “Might let you have a beer or two though, if you coöperate of course.”

Well, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em thought Shelby to herself, nodding. “So who’s coming over then, just Ben?”

Maddox nodded, stuffing his large feet into equally large trainers, “Yeah just Ben.”

At least that was 1 turn up for the books she thought. Ben had always been the fittest of Maddox’s various mates, with his sandy hair and deep blue eyes and not to mention his lean athletic body which made him über popular with the girls. Ben had been close to Maddox since they were both little kids and was like one of the family. Shelby had to admit to secretly having a mild crush on him and as Maddox left to fetch his friend Shelby headed upstairs to shower and change, least she could do to ease her boredom she thought.

An hour later the three of them were sat in the lounge, patio doors wide open to let some cool evening air waft into the room, music turned up loud on the stereo and the beers were going down smoothly. All in all a much more entertaining way to spend her evening, even if it was watching two buffoons battling one another on the X-Box. She consoled herself by thinking “I can think of dozens of girls who’d pay just to be sat in here tonight, gazing adoringly at Benny-Boy…”.

Two bottles of beer later they had persuaded Shelby to join in the games and she started to have fun, especially whilst Ben was trying in earnest to teach her what to press on the control pad.

“God Shells, how many have you had?” laughed Ben as yet again she had her arse royally kicked.

“Ummm yeah good point that, how many have you put away sis?” Maddox stood with his hands on his hips, eyebrows raised inquiringly.

“Oh give over Maddox, it’s not like I’m pissed!” she laughed at him, “Soz Mum!” she added before creasing up in peels of laughter.

“Just take it easy, ok?” he scolded, wandering to the kitchen for more beers.

They played for a while longer before deciding to battle over what music to play. By now they were all fairly well oiled, the atmosphere was fun and Shelby felt part of the gang, albeit three strong. The two lads disappeared for a short while into the kitchen, whilst Shelby sorted through a playlist of CDs. After ten minutes had passed she decided to go and see what they were up to. They didn’t hear her padding barefoot into the kitchen over the noise of the music and both Maddox and Ben jumped as she asked what they were up to. Both looked rather sheepishly, Maddox giving the game away by trying conceal something on the counter behind him.

“Maddox, what you hiding?!” Shelby challenged boisterously, trying to peer over their shoulders. “Come on, I’m not a kid!….” She pouted.

Ben eyed Maddox and turned to her “Well, you gotta promise not to go blabbing….”

“Mate!” Maddox elbowed Ben but it was too late. Shelby could see the heap of white powder on the chopping board, several neat lines divided up next to it.

“Is that what I think it is?…” she asked open-mouthed. “Is that coke?”

“Yeah sis, but please don’t go shooting your mouth off.” Maddox replied shaking his head, well and truly busted.

“Hmmm….” she considered, “What’s my silence worth?” She tried to keep a straight face, inwardly knowing there was no way she was going to be left out.

The two lads looked at each other, battling with their consciences. As if reading their minds she added, “I’m not a little girl anymore and wouldn’t you rather me try it for the first time with you guys?”

This last comment sealed the deal and reluctantly at first Maddox chopped up a small line for Shelby, showing her how to snort it quickly up through the rolled up bank-note, up her nose. At first it made Shelby’s eyes water but she soon got the hang of it and it wasn’t long before she started to come up on it, a feeling of euphoria and energy running through her veins. So the night continued, the three of them getting steadily and comfortably wasted together. Once the beer was gone, Ben produced a bottle of vodka he had procured from his parents drinks cabinet. Buoyed on by the alcohol and the coke their inhibitions disappeared and Shelby was glad that Maddox had dropped the whole protective big brother routine for the night. She’d also noticed Ben holding her gaze several times, each time she caught his eye she felt a fluttering in the pit of her stomach and was sure he was looking at her more and more frequently.

It was well into the early hours and they were still going strong, Maddox had gone upstairs to use the toilet, complaining of feeling sick, leaving Shelby and Ben alone together in the kitchen, chopping up more lines and knocking back shots of vodka.

“You’re pretty hardcore for a young girl Shells!” grinned Ben, as he accepted the shot she had poured for him. “You sure you ain’t done this before?”

Shelby laughed and winked at him playfully, “What can I say? I’m a natural!” She could hardly believe how confident she was feeling, here she was flirting with Ben, only the hottest guy around….

“Awww Shells!….” Ben slung his arm around her protectively. “I remember when you were just a little girl!”

“Don’t go getting all nostalgic on me Benny-Boy! Besides, I’m all grown up now, see?!…” She twirled around for him.

He nodded in approval, “Oh, I can see!….”

Their eyes met and they held eye contact for a long moment before Shelby giggled and went to pour another couple of shots for them both. Ben watched her as she did so, openly appraising her pretty slim frame, pondering to himself as he did so why he hadn’t noticed sooner, maybe it was the drugs taking effect but whatever it was she was getting him horny as hell. Meanwhile Shelby was pondering her own thoughts, was she reading all this right? She didn’t want to make a move only to get the knock-back, she would never live that one down….

Stay tuned for the next installment!…..

The Intruder – Be Careful What You Wish For

Your key turns in the lock and I hear you softly sigh once the door shuts firmly behind you. I watch you from the shadows, you don’t see me, and you’re oblivious to my presence. The darkness does not scare you for you’re content to refrain from switching on the hallway light. Instead you kick off your shoes, freeing your slender tanned feet. I study you, holding my breath in case you should hear me hiding there in the darkness of your apartment. I am an intruder in your peaceful sanctum. I am violating your safe haven. I feel no remorse.

You shed your tailored jacket, indulging in a languid stretch. Your silk blouse becomes partially un-tucked from the waistband of your skirt and I’m fascinated by the sliver of creamy mid-drift I catch a glimpse of. I swallow hard, instantly aroused but more so because I am stealing these private moments. You pad barefoot down the hall, moving ever closer to where I am concealed, as though I’m wearing a midnight black cape and covered in the shroud of night. You still don’t know that I am here, lying in wait… Until it’s too late of course.

Grabbed & Trapped

I seize my chance when you are less than a foot from me. My arm shoots out towards you. My hand finds its target, locks on and clamps down onto your pretty mouth. You literally jump out of your skin as I grasp you firmly. My palm muffles your terrified cries. Survival instinct comes into play instantaneously. You put up an impressive fight, you are stronger than your slim frame would suggest. I have to assert some force to bring you under control, to restrain your raging limbs. I roughly pull your arms behind your back, my other hand just managing to suppress your protesting lips. I press my mouth against your ear and talk to you in a soft low voice. It’s a voice you do not recognize and a fresh wave of panic descends on you.

Helpless in the Dark

“Stop struggling and you’ll make this a lot easier on yourself.” I growl. Feisty as you are, you put up resistance. I merely yank your arms harder behind your back making you whimper in discomfort. I mean you no harm but you are not to know this and so you lash out with your legs instead.
“Have it your own way…” I warn you, taking a heavy-duty tie-grip from my pocket to bind your wrists together with. I know its grip will be tight; the plastic will be cutting into your skin. However it has the desired effect and subdues you a fraction, for a moment at least. You try to speak; I feel your mouth moving under my grip.
“I’ll remove my hand but if you scream, you’ll wish to God you didn’t…Do we have a deal?” My voice is a low rasp, it sounds eerily alien to even myself.
You nod vigorously in agreement but to make certain I jerk your arms back again anyway to show you I mean business.

You gasp and gulp down air when I take away my hand, I hear you crying quietly in fear. I sense your whole body shaking and it gives me a surge of excitement. You are at my mercy, I am in control, I hold ultimate power.

“Ple..plea…please don’t hurt me!… What do you want? I’ll give you whatever you want just please, please don’t hurt me.”
Your cries play on my emotions for a split second. I soon snap out of it just as quickly as cold ruthless command resumes.
“Do exactly as I say and maybe I’ll go easy on you… “I sneer at you, offering nothing in the way of comfort.
“I have money, is that what you need? I can sort it… “Your voice stammers and pleads in desperation.
“Just shut your mouth and do exactly as I tell you, bitch.” I reply cruelly, feeling another jolt of arousal shoot through me.

face down

You seem to get the message loud and clear. You try your best to stifle your sobs, biting down on your bottom lip. Nothing disguises the way in which you tremble. I push you down the corridor towards the master bedroom, forcing you forward to what you must surely believe is your doom. It’s even darker in here which works in my favour and alarms you further still.
“Please! Oh please, I’m begging you…” Your whispered pleas make the blood flow straight to my cock. I’m stiff in seconds.
“Get over there.” I order you. “Now, bend over the end of the bed, face down. I said bend over!…” I do not raise my voice to you. It is far more sinister speaking quietly instead.
You hesitate so I give you a helping hand by shoving you forward. You fall face first down onto the mattress. Another cry escapes you.
“What do you want from me?”
“You shall find out soon enough.” I laugh softly. It dawns on you what it is I have in store.
“Oh God! Please! No….” You begin sobbing violently.
“Sssh…” I soothe. “Don’t fight me. It will hurt if you struggle.”
I take the liberty of stroking your hair with my leather gloved hand as though you are a child seeking comfort.

Then I do a much less sentimental thing. I roughly hike up your skirt, up and around your hips to reveal your long stocking clad thighs. I feel the fine silk lingerie you’re wearing, savouring it’s quality before tearing them off you, not in the least bit concerned if my actions hurt you or not. My interest lies between those creamy smooth thighs. I am impatient for that which I set out to get from you.
“Open your legs. Do it now.” I order you.
By now you’re crying is soft; you seem to have resigned to your fate. Once again I offer you a helping hand by roughly parting your legs. Even in the darkness I know just how good your pussy looks. I have explored it so many times before, gorging on it’s sweet nectar, made love to it for hours…

For you this situation is completely different. You believe I am a stranger, a dangerous intruder who at any moment is set to defile you. Your face is buried in the expensive bed linen, maybe through shame, perhaps fear, probably both. I pay no heed instead I begin twisting my fingers in and out of your slit forcefully, a wry smile playing at my lips as I do so.
“Well, well, well. You seem to be getting wet for me.” I remark in the same ice cold voice. I see you try and shake your head but I am not interested in your denials or objection. By now I have my own most basic and primitive needs that must be attended to.

Without hesitation I pull my solid weapon free. I note that my underwear is more than a little wet from my pre-cum. I clutch my cock for a second feeling it twitch at the prospect of being forced deep inside your hole. No build up or foreplay tonight. I am just going to give you a hard, fast fucking, one that will result in my balls exploding cum all over your lovely taut arse. Pressing my helmet into you, I continue with the theme of surprise. I spear you with my entire length, right up to it’s hilt. I have to force myself not to moan out loud in sheer pleasure for you have such a perfectly tight fitting slit, enhanced this evening by your cunt muscles fighting to restrict my entry.
Still I forge onwards, no obstacle I cannot overcome. Tonight I am not concerned with controlling myself. I am not worried about holding back my cum and it feels liberating. Tonight I am here solely to fuck your pussy into oblivion, until you are sore and until I release my seed upon you.

You take me by surprise. I feel you relaxing your sex muscles somewhat. You take me back even more as you begin to grind your arse back into me. Your pussy starts to push back onto my invading shaft as I fuck you. I dig my fingers into the flesh of your thighs to keep my balance. I pull on your hair, hard, lifting your head off the bed momentarily.
If I didn’t know any better I’d believe your actions are those of a woman highly aroused. A woman wet by my intrusive fucking.
I pick up speed and force as I pummel your cunt. I know that you are stretched as wide as you can stand. I push your boundaries further still and insert my fingers past that tight ring of yours, invading your tight and confined arsehole. I stretch and fill you beyond your limits. I marvel at the way in which I can feel my cock rubbing against the thin membrane that separates it from my fingers….
I cannot hold out much longer, your cries are not helping either. My cum is boiling and bubbling in my balls, surging it’s way upwards to my cock end. I pull my jerking wet prick swiftly from your pulsing cunt. Only now do I let go, allowing my creamy jism erupt from me in endless spurts. It lands in long wet strands on your arse, pooling between your crack and down over your tender folds. I hear you crying, sobbing softly, almost inaudibly. But despite your shame and self-loathing I know you enjoyed the hard fuck I just subjected you to my darling.

I stand upright without a word. I put my cock away and fasten my trousers before retrieving a blade from my pocket. I cut through the plastic tie-grip around your wrists, releasing you. You remain face down on the bed, shuddering, panting, crying.
I turn and leave without uttering another word. Mission accomplished. This was never about me, not a product born in my imagination. That you must understand. For maybe you have forgotten? Perhaps it slipped from your mind?
Take a moment and cast your memory back… We got a little drunk together. You disclosed one of your most dark secret sexual fantasies to me. You never believed for one moment that I would help you realise that same fantasy for real one day…
It will not take you long to figure it all out. You are a very clever girl, darling. Besides, once you have composed yourself and found the strength to get off the bed and turn on the lights you’ll see. You will notice the huge bouquet of roses I have lovingly arranged upon your dressing table. Then you will understand. Then you will know. It was all for you.