Clandestine Couplings

Recovery Position

“Oh that’s just great!” Sammy cursed, slamming her hands on the steering wheel as the car gave a final cough, then a splutter before grinding to a halt. “Of all the bloody places to break down, out in the flaming sticks!…” She knew she only had herself to blame, she’d been meaning to book her car in for a well needed service for weeks, but something seemingly more important always cropped up before she could get round to it….

So now here she was, broken down on a country lane and to top it off it was almost dark. Marvellous. Sammy sat for a moment weighing up her options. She was a good ten miles from home and certainly didn’t relish the idea of abandoning her car to walk the rest of the way along dark winding lanes. Not only was it unsafe but her unforgiving 6″ heels certainly weren’t going to cut the mustard as walking shoes either! It was whilst she was contemplating her next move that she remembered the business card with the breakdown recovery number on it.

“Now… where did I put it?…” She began hunting through her handbag. When that didn’t turn anything up she moved the search to the glove box, all the time willing herself to stay calm and to focus. The last thing she needed to do right now was to freak out.
“A-ha! Got ya!” she trilled triumphantly as she finally caught sight of the bright yellow card that was hidden amongst the debris of receipts, maps and paper napkins. She wasted no time in scrabbling back through her handbag for her mobile phone and punched the number in.
After a few short rings, which to her seemed an eternity, the call was answered by a gruff male voice. “Thank god you’re still open!” Sammy exclaimed, truly grateful to hear the voice at the other end of the phone.

“That we are love, what seems to be the problem?” he asked in a casual tone.
Sammy began to explain her predicament, berating herself as she did so for her procrastination in not booking her car in for it’s service.
“Sounds like you need our help then. Can you give me an idea of where you are?” he asked.
“I’m on Aston Farm Lane, stuck in a lay-by. It’s getting really dark out here and I’m starting to panic a bit with being on my own.” she replied, hoping not to sound too much like a damsel in distress.
“Ok I know the place, can have someone with you in about fifteen minutes love. Just stay in the vehicle and try and keep calm, Ok?”
Sammy found his voice a little reassuring and agreed to do as she was told. He took her mobile number in case they needed further directions or if there was a delay in getting to her. After a little more reassurance Sammy finally ended the call and began to occupy herself by checking through her emails on her phone.

Fifteen minutes passed, try as she might Sammy couldn’t help but clock-watch, each minute that passed on the digital clock on the dashboard seemed like a lifetime to her. With each passing minute the darkness seemed to fall further outside the car. Another ten minutes passed and she started fidgeting in her seat, her anxiety stepping up another notch. “Where the hell are you?” she muttered out loud, “Fifteen minutes my arse! ..More like half an hour…”
As those words left her lips she became aware of distant headlamps approaching in her rear view mirror. “This had better be the cavalry…” she said, willing it to be the breakdown guy.
Sure enough, moments later a recovery vehicle pulled into the lay-by behind her and she let out a sigh of relief, followed closely by mild irritation at how long she’d had to wait. An irritation that steadily grew as she impatiently waited for the recovery man to approach her car. “What the hell’s taking him so long?…” she grumbled.

At this point a sharp tap on the passenger side window startled her. Slightly taken aback she wound the window down a touch.
“Sammy I presume? We spoke on the phone earlier.” The man cleared his throat, “Sorry for the delay in getting to you, the other guy was still tied up on another job so it was left to me.”
“I was starting to think I’d be stuck out here all night.” she replied sharply.
“I tried calling but the call kept going straight through to voice mail madam.” his voice floated through the gap in the window. By now the night had well and truly set in and Sammy could only make out his shadowy outline on the other side of the glass.
Realising that she had more than likely missed his call due to checking her emails she changed her tone. “Well, you’re here now thank god.”
Brusquely he asked her to pop open the bonnet for him to take a look at the engine. Not wanting to sit around like a total wet lettuce, Sammy opened her door and stepped out into the chilly night air to join him.

“Daft question, but I take it you do have fuel in the tank?” he asked abruptly from under the bonnet, as he tinkered with the leads and wires.
She tutted, “Of course I have, I’m not that stupid. Just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m clueless as to when I’ve ran out of petrol!…”
“Had to ask, it’s amazing how many times we get called out to a breakdown that turns out simply to be an empty tank.” came his patronising response, causing Sammy to bristle with irritation once again.
“Well I can assure you one thing it isn’t is a lack of fuel! I filled the tank only this morning thank you very much.” she said pointedly, “Now do you think you can find out what the problem is and get it fixed so I can go home some time tonight?”
He let out a low chuckle, highly amused at her outburst. “Yes, I’m quite sure I can, in fact I may have found out the problem already…” He continued fiddling and adjusting, blatantly keeping her hanging which only served to get her back up even more. “When was the service due on this again?”
She hesitated, knowing full well he’d won this round. “Well, ummm….that would’ve been four thousand miles ago…” she mumbled, waiting for his condescending reply.
“Well there’s a moral to this story love.” he began smugly.
“Oh really? How did I know that was coming? Go on, enlighten me.” she huffed, resigned now to the imminent lecture she was sure he’d relish giving her.
“Number 1, cost. Number 2, mind your manners; I can just as easily pack up and leave you to it especially after the way you’ve spoken out of turn, after all I’m here to help you… You could just as easily co-operate and be nice, making it easier for both of us… .So what’s it to be?”
Knowing he had her over a barrel she had no option but to comply reluctantly. “Ok, Ok. I’ll be nice. But that works both ways you know.” She agreed belligerently, hugging herself as she began to feel the cold.

He didn’t reply immediately, instead choosing to concentrate on the job in hand for several moments. She sighed again, just wanting to get the ordeal over with and be on her way home.
“You could make yourself useful and hold the torch for me, if you have nothing better to do love.” he called to her and it took all her willpower not to lunge forward and slam the bonnet down on his smarmy head. She became aware at this point of an underlying tension between them both, she could hardly believe that he had the audacity to speak to her in such a way. What startled her more though was the realisation that the more cocksure and patronising this irritating spanner-jockey was, the more she found herself becoming aroused by him. From what she could make out by the dim torch light he wasn’t too bad in the looks department either.

She found herself obediently holding the torch for him, watching his every move and growing more excited with the flood of thoughts that invaded her mind. As his rough hands continued to work on the engine, she noticed his long fingers, the way the muscles in his back shifted with his every move, his unruly mass of black wavy hair that ruffled in the cold evening breeze. With each thing she noticed about him, she secretly (or so she believed) felt shivers of lust run through her body and without realising it she bit her bottom lip. He was so close to her at that point that she could have easily reached out and touched him, ran her fingers through his hair….
“I need more light here please.” he instructed but she didn’t register straightaway, so engrossed was she in her own private thoughts. He cleared his throat, the sound bringing her back down to earth. “Hello? Anyone home?” he laughed before saying “Seems like your car isn’t the only thing that’s in need of an emergency service.”
“I beg your pardon?” she balked indignantly, “What exactly are you trying to…”
He cut her off mid-sentence, “I think you know exactly what I mean. Seems it’s not just your car that’s cranky and in need of some fine tuning. I think you would certainly benefit from a thorough seeing to madam.” He stood as he spoke and she quickly became aware of his physical presence, her eyes now adjusted to the dark. He was both tall and broad and she momentarily felt engulfed by his size. She gasped, feeling a mixture of both fear and arousal so strong, she was sure her legs were going to fold under her. It seemed she was completely at his mercy, there in the dark, quiet lane.

In one fluid movement he pulled her to him, firm hands gripping her arms and manoeuvring her from under the bonnet. She opened her mouth to object but he merely flashed a smile and reminded her of their agreement, “What did we say about co-operation hmmm?”.
With that he pressed her back against the passenger side of the car, pinning her against the cold glass and metal. Before she could even think about struggling, he swooped in on her, kissing her savagely, his tongue forcing it’s way into her mouth. She found herself helpless against the weight of his body and with each thrust of his hot tongue into her mouth she slowly began to yield. Their lips clashed in urgent kisses, their hands searching one another frantically.
Without warning he pulled away from her and she saw the glint of lust in his eyes, before he roughly nudged her legs apart with his knee. Her legs felt like jelly, unable to remain still as she balanced on the uneven ground beneath her heels. “Open your legs for me…” he urged, again nudging at them.
“Why?….What are you going to do?…” she gasped again. He didn’t reply, but grabbed at the hem of her skirt and forced it up around her hips before kneeling in front of her. He swiftly pulled at her panties, yanking them to one side, groaning in appreciation at their dampness as he did so. As his tongue forced its way between her pussy lips, in a way mirroring their assault on her mouth only moments before, she cried out loud “Oh God!….”. She was routed to the spot as his tongue licked up and down the thin slit between her lips before delving deeper to circle her erect clit.

The way in which his tongue lapped at her wet opening rendered her virtually powerless to any resistance. As the saying goes “resistance is futile.” Her body seemingly adopted a mind of it’s own with each lick and forceful flick of his tongue on her engorged pussy. The need to feel his tongue inside her became all-consuming and without even thinking she grabbed his head, pushing his face between her thighs, feeling his thick curls between her fingers as she did so. Her low cries soon turned into deeper, more animalistic moans as he fucked his feverishly with his tongue. She rapidly felt the first ripples of climax washing over her, making her pant wildly. Sensing how close she was to the edge, he tore his head away and she cried out in shock at his actions. He rose again, pressing his weight back against her and she felt the hardness of his arousal against her as she shivered in anticipation, awaiting his next move.

Without hesitation, he launched his mouth upon hers, his cheeks, chin and mouth covered in her own sweet, creamy essence. “Taste yourself, taste your juices on my tongue….” he commanded and she willingly responded by sucking his tongue into her mouth.
“Tastes good, don’t you think?” he chuckled softly before he grabbed her again, ushering her to the front of the vehicle. Like a rabbit caught in the glare of oncoming headlights she stood, shaking from both cold and sheer arousal at what was about to happen and at the sudden realisation that at any moment, anybody could drive down the dark lane seeing more than they’d bargained for as they sailed past.
He slammed the bonnet, the sound exaggerated in the quiet of the deserted lay-by, her attention wholly focused on him once more. “Now for the more extensive service madam…” he growled as he advanced towards her. He lifted her up off the ground as if she weighed no more than a feather and she felt exhilarated by his brute strength despite herself. Placing her down on the bonnet, he ripped at her blouse, the flimsy material and buttons no match for him, her ample breasts spilling free and into his grabbing hands and hungry mouth.

She writhed on the icy cold metal beneath her, feeling the exquisite needles of pain and pleasure as his teeth bit down on her achingly hard nipples. Her hips bucked and ground upwards, the physical yearning way past the realms of self control now. He paused for a moment, making her wait as he unfastened his oily overalls. Holding her breath Sammy waited in excruciating anticipation, moaning loudly as, at long last, he released his cock for her. Eyes riveted to the immensity of his solid, turgid hardness, she could only gulp in awe, marvelling as it twitched before her, the tip glistening with his escaped pre-cum in the weak moonlight from above. He seized hold of her thighs, roughly pulling them wide apart and Sammy felt her swollen pussy open up wide in readiness for him. She fought to keep her eyes focused on him, steadily losing the battle as they tried to roll back into her head with sheer pleasure.

With no warning he thrust forward with force, his cock spearing her soaking hole right up to the hilt, his balls slapping against her as he did so. Nothing could have stopped her screams and cries of utter emotion as he repeatedly stabbed his thick meaty shaft inside her, stretching her to almost breaking point as he did so. Just when she thought she could stand no more, he pushed her legs up and back so her knees almost touched her chin before slamming his cock back inside her tight wet tunnel. Over and over she cried out, all pain now replaced by molten hot pleasure as the tip of his dick ground over her g-spot, causing copious amounts of her juices to run free, all over him, over her thighs, dribbling down to the crease of her arse. Sammy’s entire body writhed and spasmed violently, each and every muscle contorting, her raw wet pussy clinging tightly to his cock with all it’s might as she began to cum. She caught a snapshot image of him, his outline silhouetted against a moonlit backdrop, eyes burning into her with such wanton passion and fire, before she lost the battle and let the most powerful, intense orgasm of her life tear through her like a tornado.

Seeing the way in which her body shook and tremored hearing her raw, wild sobs and feeling all her sweet juices gushing from her as she climaxed forced him past the point of no return. Letting out a long guttural moan his body contorted whilst rope upon rope of his hot wet cum flooded her insides…. Moments later Sammy became aware of her surroundings once more, bewildered by the wet tear tracks staining her cheeks. Both of them panting, their skin slick with sweat and fluids shared. In the distance came the sound of an approaching car, rousing them both. Quickly standing upright he offered her his hands, gently pulling her up and off the bonnet of her car. On shaky legs Sammy darted to the cover of the passenger side, straightening herself out as much as she could whilst he fastened his overalls, the approaching car drawing ever closer, until it flew past them leaving them alone in the lay-by once more.

She giggled quietly at the outrageous events that had occurred moments before, “Close call!…” she murmured, tugging her blouse closed around her. He smiled back at her, readying himself to leave, “I think you’ll be ok to drive home now madam.” he quipped, tapping on the bonnet, before grabbing his toolbox.
“That’s great news, I’m glad you managed to fix it.. .oh and me!….” she replied, suddenly feeling the cold once more, tiredness slowly creeping over her.
“All part of the service.” he smiled again, holding her door open for her to climb in. He waited whilst she turned the key in the ignition, the car started first time with no trouble.

He turned and began making his way back to the recovery truck, glad that the last call-out of the day was complete. As he climbed up to get back in his cab, Sammy reversed her car alongside so she was level with his truck. She wound down the window on the passenger side and with a smile called out to him “See you back at home in about fifteen then darling?….” before waving and pulling slowly back onto the road, driving away, leaving her husband in the lay-by smiling quietly to himself…..

Train Ride Home

Weary and fed up, Sasha almost crawled onto the train home from work that day. To add to her inner frustration she discovered that there were no free seats for her to throw herself into. Blank and bored faces stared straight through her as she searched the crowded carriage. Finally giving up she grabbed hold of a handrail and slumped against it in defeat. What a horrendous day it had been and to top it off, a disciplinary from her boss. All she longed for now was to get home and close the front door behind her. A large glass of chilled white wine and a long hot soak in the bath were the order of the day. As she began to sink into her reverie she became aware of a presence, or rather a feeling that she was being watched. As she slowly raised her eyes from where they’d been firmly rooted to the dirty floor of the train, she scanned the compartment once again. Just the usual throng of commuters; the “suits” that travelled daily to and from the city. She returned to starring glumly at the floor. Again she felt eyes resting on her. Starting to feel self conscious, she fiddled with the hem on her jacket. She wished she had thought to grab her MP3 player from her desk drawer at work. Anything to distract her from feeling paranoid.

“This is ridiculous!” she scolded herself and again forced her eyes upwards. Gazing directly back at her was a man with the darkest brooding eyes she had ever seen. The way in which he openly appraised her made her flush and glance away sharply. For the craziest moment she had thought…
“Oh Sasha! Don’t be so stupid!” said Practical-Sensible’s voice in her head. ” There’s no way on God’s earth he would be looking at me…” But as she gave a sideways glance at the man again, sure enough, he was steadily looking straight back at her and to her suprise he grinned a lazy smile at her. A feeling rippled through her stomach and despite herself she flushed again, this time in pleasure. This time she maintained eye contact with the man, returning the smile coyly.
Practical-Sensible spoke up again ” What on earth do you think you’re doing? You don’t even know him!” But Sasha quelled the voice as something else took over. The way he continued to look at her brought about a whole new set of feelings. It was as if just by looking at her he was drinking her in, contemplating her. Steadily she met his eyes once more and she felt a jolt of sheer lust as he ran his tongue over his bottom lip. Images flashed through her mind and despite the fact he was a total stranger to her, she imagined his tongue exploring her most intimate parts. She began to feel an intense heat creeping over her, the crowded train carriage seemed to close in on her and then something else….

She could feel how wet and turned on she’d become. Practical-Sensible’s voice had long been drowned out. Starring right back at him, she too licked her lips and toyed with the top button of her blouse. It was a challenge for her not to gasp out loud and draw attention to herself from the other passengers. The sexual tension hung heavily in the air, neither of them took their eyes away from the others. By now Sasha could feel her moistness drenching through her lacy knickers and between her thighs, she was desperate to quench the intense craving for release. Instinctively her hand began to wander down discreetly, her lips parted, almost panting. Her actions seemed to ignite something in his eyes as his gaze become more intent. She fantasized that his hand was rubbing his cock through his trousers. The thrill of taking such risks in a public place overwhelmed her. Gone were the thoughts of how her arrogant young boss had belittled her that day; feelings of empowerment replacing them. Suddenly the train jolted to a standstill. Startled, she realised they had arrived at the station and hurriedly she snapped out of her erotic moment as people began pushing and shoving their way out and onto the platform, eager to get home. In an almost blind panic her eyes flew round trying to maintain contact with the mysterious man. Her heart plummeted as she realised he had disappeared from her view. People were milling around her, impatiently glaring at her as she blocked the exit. Pulling herself hastily together she  got off the train, her legs like jelly as she set foot on the platform.

It took her a few moments and several gulps of cool evening air before she finally got a grip of herself. Shaking her head she almost laughed out loud at her stupidity. “Great, now I’m all fired up and… well…” Slowly in a daze she picked her way through the busy station. She felt hot and sticky despite the chilly evening that was settling in and her cheeks burnt with the shame she felt at her naivety, of her abandonment. Just as she walked past the door to the toilets, a hand reached out and forcibly grabbed her arm, pulling her inside. Just as she was about to scream a hand clamped over her mouth, stifling her alarm and her body was swiftly ushered into one of the cubicles. It was only then that she was able to twist her body round to discover who her assailant was…
Those dark brooding eyes met her own, followed by hungry lips, his tongue probing deep inside her mouth. At first, she was so shocked she froze, unable to fight him off or make a cry for help. Then his hands began to move roughly over her body, firmly kneading her breasts, his fingers sliding into her blouse and under her bra to discover already hard nipples beneath. A deep moan escaped her lips, almost unrecognisable to her. His mouth once again moved over hers to steal it, his eyes flashing with pure unadulterated lust. She was already soaking wet and despite the risk and potential danger she could be in, she felt alive, her entire body pulsing with desire. His mouth travelled to her neck, teeth on her skin sending sharp sensations through her and she threw her head back as he moved lower still, tearing at her blouse to release her breasts taking a nipple between his teeth.

Again she felt tremors coursing through her. By now all fear had subsided, taken over instead by animal lust and need. Her hands moved swiftly over him, feeling the hardness of his cock in his trousers, applying pressure as she felt the length of him through the material.
Looking up at her he shook his head and pushed her hand away with authority. With that he yanked up her skirt, pulling her knickers to one side so forceably that she fell backwards against the wall of the cubicle, not caring if anyone heard the commotion. His fingers traced over her pussy lips sending wave after wave of pleasure that verged on pain she was that turned on. Without warning he sank to his knees, pushing her legs apart. With one last glance up at her he buried his head between her thighs, his tongue probing at her clit. She felt like she would explode as his tongue slid deliberately inside her hot wet slit, moving deeper until she could hardly control the urge to cum. Her pussy seemed to clamp round his tongue, her fingers gripping his hair, pushing her pussy right onto his face.

Aware that she was close to cumming he moved away from her briefly and stood. Mouth glistening with her juices he grabbed her face and kissed her hard. She could taste herself on his tongue, on his lips; so sweet that she couldn’t help but moan out loud once more. Her eyes pleaded with him to give her what she so desperately desired. The same wolf-like grin returned, playing over his lips. Before she knew it he had spun her round to face away from him, pushing her against the wall. The tiles were cold against her breasts sending yet more new sensations through her.
“Please…” she moaned softly as she felt him close behind her, his mouth breathed in her ear, “Please what?…” His hands grabbed her hips, his nails digging into her flesh, his breath sending shivers down her spine. She could hardly bare another moment of such delicious torture.
She felt the heat of his hard cock pressing onto her skin and she began to rub herself against him. feeling that he too was already wet with anticipation. She heard him let out a low groan as he guided the tip of his throbbing member forward to her most sensitive and intimate spot. She jutted her arse out, spreading her legs wide, enticing him. “Fuck me….” she breathed out heavily and with that he slid his achingly hard manhood firmly inside her, her hungry pussy devouring it’s length.
Biting her fist hard so she would not scream in pleasure, she began to rock her hips back and forth building up such intense friction. He filled her up entirely, stretching her wide open in a way she had never before experienced. He began to thrust himself deeper into her, the tip of his cock massaging her G-Spot, whilst his hand reached round to rub her solid clit.

By now she knew she could no longer resist the avalanche of ecstasy as he fucked her faster, picking up the pace dramatically as he grabbed her hair and pulled her head back towards him so he could kiss her fiercely once more. With that she dissolved into a deeply intense orgasm, her pussy gripping his cock so tightly as she reached a dizzying climax that tore right through her. This prompted a deep throaty growl from him as he slammed into her hard, his balls slapping against her arse. His grip on her hips tightening as with one last thrust he filled her swollen pussy with jets of his hot wet cum. Panting and breathing heavily they remained that way, their bodies damp with sweat and passion. He brushed her hair out of the way and softly kissed the nape of her neck, tongue lingering against her skin.
“About that warning this morning Sasha…I won’t be putting it on your permanent record ok?…” he murmured into her hair. A slow smile crept across her lips…..




Under Remote Control

It was Ellie’s birthday, a birthday that Rafe was determined she would remember always! The couple had dated for five years and Rafe still loved to suprise Ellie with gifts, especially naughty gifts that provided endless fun for them both. He’d booked a table at a fancy restaurant to celebrate in style and they both dressed up for the occasion. Rafe was particularly pleased to see Ellie wearing sexy stockings and suspenders beneath the slinky dress he’d splashed out on for her. Before the taxi arrived, he presented her with a suprise gift which turned out to be a little remote control vibrator.
Ellie was excited by her new toy but it took a little bit of persuasion and reassurance on Rafe’s part for her to agree to what he had in mind. Encouraging her to slide the toy into her panties he then hinted at what he intended to do to her during the evening. His mission was to tease and please her at his will via remote control. He was to be in charge of the speed and pulse setting of the new vibrator. All she had to do was to throw herself completely at his mercy. Finally she agreed and concealed the toy, already feeling damp at the feel of it’s cool smooth plastic between her folds.

Once the couple arrived at the posh eaterie and they were settled at their table, Rafe asked Ellie if she was ready for the fun to begin. After several birthday drinks, she was finally relaxed enough and excited for her lover to take over. Rafe however toyed with her, his aim was to keep her in suspense, giving no clue as to his next move. She pleased with him to stop teasing her and to start the fun. When she least expected it, Rafe pressed a button on the remote control in his pocket which triggered a low gentle vibration against her pussy, causing her to almost choke on the forkful of fillet-mignon that she’d just put in her mouth. He smiled slyly across the table, asking in a low voice if it felt good. Ellie couldn’t help but admit that yes, indeed it did. He soon snapped it off again much to Ellie’s dismay. She found herself revelling in the sexy secrecy of it all, knowing that whilst they appeared respectable amongst the other well-heeled patrons, under the table, beneath her underwear; was another story altogether.

Rafe embarked on an infuriatingly arousing game of cat and mouse, teasing her by slowing then increasing the toy’s speed or rythm setting which resulted in Ellie’s demise. She was sharply aware of the other busy tables around them, concerned that people would hear the vibe’s buzzing or suspect something due to her fidgetting and sighing. Rafe talked to her in a low husky voice over their meal, illustrating in great lurid detail just what he wanted to do and how he wanted to do it to her. Dirty talk always got her fired up and that coupled with the now regular steady pulsing between her folds she grew hotter and wetter by the second. She couldn’t help twitching and shuffling about on her chair, enjoying the feeling of her thighs pressed tightly together and the vibrations that flooded through her sex. Ellie pleaded with him to increase the speed but he simply responded by switching the thing off, letting her cool off a little.

Ellie ate very little of her a la carte meal, far too aroused to have an appetite, for food at least. She leant in close to Rafe so that she could share the thoughts that were burning in her mind at that precise moment. A lascivious expression grew on his face as he listened intently with longing to every word that spilled forth from her lips. To any unsuspecting person who may have looked at them they appeared very much the couple in love. Their hidden debauchery was kept under wraps and under the thick table cloth. Ellie divulged to him just how much she would love for him to swipe the fine crockery and glasses off their table before bending her over it, taking her there and then. He bit his lip on hearing her confession. He was hugely turned on by the feverish way in which she spoke her mind and by the look on her face as she did so. They both knew that in reality there was no chance of a wild table fucking for either of them, but that didn’t stop the thought being incredibly tantilising. They hurried through dessert, conversation growing ever more raunchy as they taunted one another to distraction.

Rafe took control once more, excusing himself from the table in order to pay the bill. Ellie urged him to be quick, the sooner they were in a taxi and back home, the better. She couldn’t wait to get involved in some wild antics with her lover and if she knew Rafe, he would not disappoint her. At that moment the carefully concealed vibe began a low hum again and she looked round distractedly to see where Rafe was. She hadn’t a clue that the toy’s remote had such a good range. He was nowhere to be seen. Then came a huge jolt of sensation as the speed was cranked up several notches, sending powerful trembles through her soaking insides, up to her breasts and their painfully erect nipples then further still up to her eyes which began to roll in pleasure. Her breathing became ragged and she was unable to stop herself from grinding down on her seat to maximise her enjoyment.

She gasped then as, from his hiding place, Rafe sped it up further still. Shudders wracked her body as she began to perspire, her pussy contracted in it’s first delicious spasm. Ellie caught a glimpse of him standing near the foyer, hand in pocket as he watched her squirm from across the restaurant. He smiled over at her in such a way that the inevitable occured and she came in a hot crazy crush of waves. Her panties were drenched, her fluids slick between her thighs. She hoped to God her dress wasn’t wet with her cum! Panting, she savoured the blissful after-shocks, gazing at Rafe as he made his way back over to her. Ellie was unable to find words to describe the mighty yet secret orgasm he had given her, but Rafe could see it written all over her flushed face.
“I think it’s time we made our way home, don’t you sweetheart?” Rafe assumed the lead again, Ellie was willingly submissive, allowing him to help her from her seat and to slip her coat over her shoulders. she was extremely grateful to have him steady her, her legs wobbly and unsteady.
“Yes, let’s go home…” She replied demurely to which Rafe nodded and tenderly ushered her out of the restaurant.
“You filthy girl, fancy getting so wanton back there in that posh gaff!” He teased with a wise sexy smile that displayed just how bloody pleased he was with his handiwork and at Ellie’s reaction back there.

The couple’s fun and games were far from over for the night. Once ensconced in a taxi, Ellie felt fresh arousal stirring as her sex-drive geared itself up for second helpings. Rafe, eager to please his woman, pressed a button the hidden remote in his pocket, serving up new throbs of ecstacy between her legs. By the time the cab pulled up outside their house, both of them were desperate to get naked. That night the couple joined explosively, fucking like wild animals, desperate to milk every last drop of cum and delight from one another. That remote control sex toy brought them many more saucy times together. For Ellie it was the thrill of relinquishing all control, letting Rafe assume full command of her body, her pleasure and some mind blowing climaxes. Placing this power into his care thrilled them both beyond words, breathing a new gust of energy into their love life. All thanks to a battery powered vibrator! Ellie could honestly say this was one instance where she had no issue with her man hogging the remote control!

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