Daddy Discipline

Part 1 – Daddy Discipline

“Close the door behind you.” He instructs in a stern tone of voice that causes her to falter nervously. She starts to speak but a sharp glance silences her stammering.
“Do you know why I have called you in here?” he demands, his mean eyes looking her up and down in distaste.
She shakes her head, fear creeping in on her, acutely aware of his intense glare. She shifts from foot to foot, her eyes rooted to the floor in front of her.
“Look at me when I’m speaking to you!” His voice bellows and she flinches.
Cautiously she raises her head briefly, catching her breath as she sees the barely controlled rage in his eyes.
“Your behaviour of late absolutely disgusts me.” he begins, walking purposefully from behind his mahogany desk. She wrings her hands, fearful of his overbearing presence in the room. Tiny beads of sweat form on her top lip and she feels moisture sliding down her back.
“You think I don’t know what you’ve been up to?” he laughs caustically.
“I…don’t understand…” she manages to stammer, knowing she is in for it bigtime.
“You can drop the butter wouldn’t melt act! It won’t wash with me I’m afraid.” he spat, marching up to her.
“I know all about you sneaking around at all hours, bringing different young men into the house and getting up to all kinds of obscene behaviour up in your room. I have to hand it to you, you’re an accomplished liar and an even better actress my girl.”
His hand strokes her arm and she shivers at his lecherous touch.
Sensing her discomfort he sneers, “What’s the matter? You never complain when you prostitute yourself to all and sundry. You seem happy to spread your legs for whichever young man takes your fancy…”
Her cheeks flush and her pulse speeds up as she realises he knows everything.
“Don’t come all coy now my girl, no point in blushing.” he adds, grasping her arm and pulling her with him as he returns to his high backed leather chair.
“But…but!..” she cries, alarmed at his force. “Stop, you’re hurting me!…”
“Nonsense! I’ve seen the way you like to be treated roughly and with force! You complain so bitterly now but I know you crave such brutality!”
She is shaking uncontrollably, aghast at his cruelty. She squirms, trying to escape his grip but he is too strong.
“Struggling won’t get you anywhere except into even deeper trouble young lady.” He stares at her, his eyes cold and metallic, as if he has no soul. “Besides, I never saw you so much as play hard to get with those boys! I’m highly offended that you should protest so furiously. It is just as I thought, you my girl need to be punished!”
She whimpers, her legs feel so weak that she doubts they will support her for much longer.
“Take down your panties.” He instructs her and she stares at him in shock.
“Don’t just stand there! Do it! Now.” He sits down in his chair, openly mocking her confusion as she stands before him, dithering.
“Do you need me to spell it out to you?” he says in a low menacing voice, “Take down your panties now.”
“Please…I’m sorry…” she pleads with him, eyes wide with fear at what he has planned next.
He pulls furiously at the hem of her cotton summer dress, yanking it up over her hips.
“Such insolence!” he roars, both of his hands now at her hips. He swiftly pulls her panties down off her hips and she struggles, pressing her thighs together to prevent him from pulling them any further.
“Do not resist, the more you struggle the worse the punishment my girl.” His eyes seem to glaze over such is his intent.
Still she tries to squirm away from him. Tired of her fighting her forcibly drags her to him, throwing her over his lap. By now she is crying tears of anger and fear but her tears seem to spur him on.
With one swift action he tears her panties away from her to reveal peachy naked skin, perfectly rounded buttocks for his eyes to feast upon.
“Stop your crying, I thought you were a big girl now? You’re grown up enough to fuck about aren’t you? Yet you snivel and weep like an infant!”
With his rough hands he positions her properly across his knees, drinking in the sight of her lying over his lap.
“I’ve had just about enough of watching you fucking all those different boys my girl! So brazenly letting them stick their cocks in your every hole…” he mutters, his voice menacing, causing her to shiver and shake in her prone position.
“I thought it about time you had a real man…But first you need to be punished…”
His words have barely left his lips when he brings his flat hand down sharply onto her quivering buttocks. Caught totally by surprise she cries out in pain, the fierce slap stinging her skin.
“Please!…I’m…sorry!” she pleads once again only to be met with another swift smack directly onto her burning skin.
“It’s for your own good you naughty, disgraceful girl.” comes his voice, almost robotic now as his palm makes contact with her burning cheeks for a third time. She yelps helplessly, despising him and his cruelty. Yet with each strike of his hand upon her skin comes another alien sensation altogether.
For despite the intense heat and sting she feels at his hand she realises there is another heat building…
Now with every slap he delivers her cries are muted and rather than struggling against him she bites her lip and takes her punishment, now acutely aware that she is feeling a peverse arousal… She realises that it is not sweat that coats her inner thighs but the slick of sticky pussy juices instead.
Noticing that she is no longer fighting him, he stops. He becomes aware of his cock straining against his trousers, digging into her belly. He too is wet, pre-cum oozing from him and soaking through his clothes.
Her breathing is fast, short gasps interspersed with soft moans.
“You learn quickly…” he mutters, his voice now thick with lust. “Maybe you’ve had enough punishment for now…”
She nods slightly, daring to lift her head to look up at him briefly. He strokes the reddened skin of her arse thoughtfully for a moment before his thick fingers delve between her sticky thighs. It is his turn to catch his breath as her wetness coats his fingertips.
“Are you ready to let a real man fuck you?” he asks her, his eyes boring into her.
“Yes Daddy….I think I am….”

To be continued…..

Part 2 – Dealing With Daughter Dearest

His cold hard eyes study the nubile girl laid prone across his thighs and he feels an intense jolt of arousal at having her like this, over his knee, her dignity stripped away.
“If only he knew the truth…” she worried secretly to herself.
“Not so cock-sure now are you, young lady?” he mocks, eyeing her pert round buttocks, still stained with the outline of his hand print. His fingertips are wet, a slick coating of her pussy’s creaminess smothering them. Deliberately he rubs his fingers together before running them under his nose, savouring her scent. Breathing deeply he inhales the essence of her sex. It causes him to catch his breath, he barely maintains his austere demeanor.

Meanwhile she hangs her head, will not meet his stare, afraid that if she does, her eyes will surely deceive the inner turmoil between desire and aversion for the man.
“Such sullenness, so willful…” he mutters, “I’ll discipline those faults out of you my girl.”
Still she will not look up at him, instead her eyes are riveted to the floor. She presses her thighs together tightly. She dare not speak to him, fearing her voice too will betray her, will give her away. Seconds later she has no choice but to look at him as he snatches at her long ponytail, yanking her head up sharply, forcing eye contact with him.

He licks his lips lasciviously, still running the fingers on his spare hand under his nose.
“Now open your legs.” he orders sternly.
She cannot believe this is happening, with him, her father-figure of all people. Only in her most private, perverse and wildest fantasies has she imagined getting a mere fraction of intimacy with him. She shakes her head slightly in refusal, instead attempting to squeeze close and cross her legs firmly together, denying him access but more to stem the alarming flow of her pussy juices.
“I’m warning you my dear, I shall not tolerate your disobedience. Do I need to spank you some more?” He bellows, making her jump, startling her with his curt tone.

“Please, don’t…” she meekly pleads, too late, his hand crashes down in one swoop, a single slap but effective in making her whimper softly despite herself.

“For pity’s sake, open your damn legs child!… I want to see why you are so wet down there.”
No longer daring to resist she parts her thighs a fraction. Her face glows red with despair at her perversion, she wonders who is worse, him or indeed herself.
“Wider you silly girl!” he spits, jamming a large heavy hand in between her sweet moist thighs, levering them apart roughly.

“There, that’s better. Hmm…” he murmurs under his breath as he worms his thick fingers into the space at the top of her legs, grazing her buttocks as he does so. He wastes no time, shoving between the glossy folds of her pussy lips, gathering up the liquid there before bringing them back up, to her pretty, pouting mouth.
“Open your mouth. I want you to suck my fingers.”

Again she stubbornly hesitates but he jabs at her pink lips, forcing his fingers inside her mouth. She gags which amuses him. “Don’t be such a baby. I’ve watched you take thicker, longer pricks in that sluttish little hole of yours. Or is it that you find the taste of your own juices disagreeable?” He interrogates her, raising his eyebrows quizzically.

He interrogates her, raising his eyebrows quizzically. Tears well up in her eyes, she feels such self-loathing for having such an urgent desire to do as he orders, to please him… and be rewarded in turn. A few tears escape, rolling onto her flushed cheeks. He takes no notice.
“Do it! Suck my fingers clean.”
She has no choice but to give in and reluctantly sucks at his meaty fingers, willing herself not to heave, cursing her sensitive gag-reflex. Thankfully she finds the taste sweet and decides to do as he says, she must.

“Very good.” he praises her, his voice becomes thick with arousal. Removing his fingers from her mouth he begins to probe at her hole, pinching and pulling at her labia. She squirms, mildly disgusted at his actions, more so at how wet he is making her. Despite his punishment she is hot, feverish with lust.
Moments later, he flips her up and off his lap, his eyes burning into her as she struggles to regain some composure, pulling her cotton summer dress down over her hips.
“What do you think you’re doing? Stop that at once.” his authoritative voice booms. “For that act of disobedience, you must remove the dress altogether.”
“But…But I’ll be naked… I can’t…” she stammers. He mimics her rather spitefully.
“Indeed you will, that’s the whole point. Take the blasted garment off. I want to see those pert little tits you so proudly show off and shamelessly offer to all the local boys.”

Her cheeks flush afresh, yet slowly she pulls the dress over her head. How did he know about her exploits? Had he really been watching her?…
His mouth curls into a half smile as he sets eyes on her round firm breasts, encased in a modest white cotton bra. Now she stands before him, naked from her waist down, still wearing white ankle socks and pumps.
“Remove that bra.” he barks, “Come along, let me take a good look at you.” His eyes are glued to her petite mounds and she feels a fresh flush, her cheeks glowing crimson knowing that he is scrutinising and appraising her nakedness.

Her fingers fumble clumsily with the clasp until at last her bra falls away, her tits free at last. He holds his breath for a moment, stepping towards her, he cups each one in turn. She turns her face away from him to mask her true feelings.

“I didn’t say you could look away, you little slut…” he growls, pushing his face into hers. He paws at her skin, grabbing and groping at her breasts. He taunts her, pinching her tiny pink nipples hard. She gasps aloud and wishes with all of her that her nipples were not stiffening by the second.
“Ohh, you like that do you my girl? Well, I have plenty more to teach you. But first I shall educate you in the art of fellatio.” On seeing her confused expression he adds “In lay-men’s terms, how to suck a cock properly.” She stares at him aghast, not quite believing her own ears.
“Don’t look so surprise, you should already have some idea. After all I’ve observed you acting like a dirty little tramp, sucking on the cocks of those young boys like they were lollipops!”
He moves his face closer to hers, pressing his cheek to hers. “Now it’s time for you for you to suck a grown man’s cock. So my girl, get on your knees.”He points at the spot on the carpet before him, propelling her downwards by her shoulders.

She looks up at him meekly, causing his cock to twitch involuntarily in his trousers. He unzips himself and eases his erection free. It bobs about just inches from her face. She has never seen such hardness or such girth; it looks huge to her and a wave of panic comes as she begins to feel out of her depth. He indulges himself with several gentle strokes and a bubble of shiny pre-cum appears at it’s tip. He stares intently down at her as he savours his anticipation.
“This is a real man’s cock my dear. None of this puny adolescent rubbish.”
“But…But it’s so…big!..” she cries softly, but even she is unconvinced by the sound of her voice.
“Nonsense.” he replies tersely as he sits back on his leather chair. “Come closer. Now, I need you to lick it for me. Can you do that?”
She swallows apprehensively, shuffling between his legs.
“You must learn, it is for your own good. I cannot and will not permit you to waste time attending to mere boys.”

She nods in compliance, unable to take her eyes away from his monster dick. She observes it, fascinated by it’s glans; swollen and almost purple in hue, wet with pre-cum. She sees how prominent it’s veins are, bulging from the thick turgid shaft.
Her initial panic is rapidly replaced by nervous wonderment. She thinks secretly to herself again, he truly is impressive.
“Lick my cock. Now.” he commands, hardly able to stand her hesitation, his balls are now tight and aching for a release.
Gingerly, she extends the tip of her tongue, swiftly licking at his meaty tip before pulling away, unsure of herself. She can taste his sticky pre-cum in her mouth.
“That’s not good enough. You are to lick my glans, run your tongue all over it and catch all of that lovely pre-cum that’s waiting for you…”
So, she moves in, cautiously at first, still somewhat in awe by his solid entirety. She had always thought she was pretty experienced at sucking cock. However, she had never come face to face with such a beast….

Wishing to avoid further reprimand she obeys him and begins to lick at his bulbous cock end some more, collecting the viscous fluids in her mouth. She is shocked by how clean he tastes and speeds up her lapping, savouring his sweet and slightly salty arousal.
“You are a good girl…Now lick my shaft…” he sighs under his breath, his tone of voice now softer as he indulges himself. He sighs appreciatively again as she wraps her tongue all around his tool.
She soon finds a comfortable rhythm, hoping fervently that she is pleasing her tutor. Her confidence steadily grows with each sigh he emits.
“Oh yes, that’s very good, do carry on…” She feels him pat her on her head softly then a few moments later he delivers his next instruction.
“Now, I want you to open your lips wide. No, wider. Yes, that’s right, now put the tip of cock inside your mouth…Like that, that’s a good girl…”
She stretches her mouth as wide open as she can to accommodate his engorged helmet between her lips. She struggles at first, but not wishing to disappoint him she tries harder and manages to squash him inside, her cheeks bulge full of him.
“Now suck on my bell end, move that delightful little tongue of yours around it too.” he commands her masterfully as he watches her every move, enthralled. His cock twitches wildly at the sight of her, his young pupil kneeling at his feet.

“I think you’re ready to try and slide some of my length into your mouth. I have to say, although I found your behaviour with those young rogues in the summer house to be outrageous, I was somewhat impressed at the manner in which you gobbled their lengths, like it was second nature.”
Her stomach flutters at his indirect compliment. She wonders if it turned him on to watch her.
She steals a glance upwards at him but he presses her head back down again.
“Concentrate young lady… Yes, you fella-ted them impeccably. Perhaps I need to challenge you further instead of wet-nursing you…” He muses to himself then decides to impress his member on her some more.
He presses firmly on the back of her head so that she has little choice but to take him inch by inch further into her mouth. She feels she may suffocate for her mouth is completely full now and she feels its end pressing on the back of her throat. She starts to choke and she has to pull her mouth off him, leaving long silvery strings of saliva trailing from his cock to her lips. Her eyes are streaming and she swipes at them before he  grasps her ponytail again, pulling her back onto him, jabbing at her face.

His earlier control and restrained manner are swiftly abandoned as he fucks her mouth, tugging her ponytail to deliberately move her head up and down. He ignores the choking and spluttering noises she is making, instead he grinds his hips up and down. Her sweet hot mouth forms such a tight vacuum around his prick and he fights to control the boiling cum that threatens to explode at any second. He allows her a little respite, glancing down at her. She is dishevelled, tears stream down her cheeks, saliva smeared all over her face.
“Not bad for your first attempt at sucking a real man-size length.” he splutters, his breathing is erratic now. Despite her ordeal she soaking wet through and she longs to finger herself, she desperately needs to relieve the mounting tension that is building inside her.
He is almost ready to cum and he urgently gives her his next command.

“Grip my cock with your fingers my girl, hold it tightly and pump your fist up and down it, like this.” He immediately demonstrates to her exactly how he wants this task done, wasting no time snatching her hand, wrapping it around his girth. She stares wide-eyed at it between her slender fingers, certain it has grown bigger still. His shaft is nicely lubricated with her spit and she finds it easy to slide her hand over him.
“Harder…yes…faster…don’t just stare at it, wank it!…”
His coarse language causes her to gaze at his face, she can see he is losing control, his composure. He gives in to the surging, bubbling cum, rapidly closer to erupting from his balls by the second.
“Bring your face right up to my cock, I’m going to ejaculate all over your pretty young face!…Stick out your tongue!..Ohh Christ yes!…” He roars out loud as she furiously pumps her fist up and down his twitching shaft. Her tight little pussy twitches and pulses in unison. He lets out a long howl and suddenly jets of creamy white jism begin to spurt from his cock-tip. Cum splatters across her youthful face, her cheeks, her plump soft lips, her tongue, in her hair. Some of it drips down onto her breasts in silky globules. His member convulses as he squeezes the last drops from him for her to catch.

A long moment of silence passes as he composes himself once more with difficulty.
“Well done, you’re quick to learn. Most satisfactory young lady.” He restrains his desire to praise her too much despite having had such an explosive climax at her hand. He thrusts a handful of tissues out to her to wipe herself clean.She remains still, not making any move to get dressed. He watches her, noting her wistful expression. A wry smile plays at his lips and she gazes back at him, hopeful and expectant. He then spies where her fingers are now resting, nestled between her pussy lips. She no longer even tries to disguise the longing etched on her face.
“Well, well, well! I can envisage you being tamed and reformed after all, you may even become Teacher’s Pet…I’m a firm believer that good work deserves a reward…”

Offering her his hand to pull her to her feet, he lustfully lets his eyes roam over her body again. Damn it, he can hardly drag his eyes from her, his mind already whirring excitedly with lessons he intends to teach her.
“Take a seat my girl. Lesson 2 is about to commence.”
“Lesson 2 Daddy?” she enquires softly.
“How to accept pleasure graciously child, put simply, I am going to show you how it feels to have your lovely young pussy devoured, to have it licked and pleasured by a real man!”

to be continued…

Part 3 – Daddy’s Double Trouble

“Just look at them, flaunting themselves like dirty little whores…” He growls under his breath. He spys on her through the venetian blinds, his girl with her slutty best friend, cavorting on the lawn without a care in the world. He watches intently as the two girls chase each other on the grass, all sky-larking and high pitched laughter, observing them; scantily clad in summer bikinis and outrageously short frilly skirts. Their slender young bodies brush against each other as they shamelessly horse around. He frowns as she grabs the garden hose and aims the spray at her companion, soaking her instantly. More hysterical laughter floats down the garden and through his study window, the sound making him bristle at such wanton behaviour. In his opinion their antics were inappropriate; attracting unwanted attention from the gardeners, the hired help.
“Must nip this in the bud…” He decides but not before feasting his beady eyes back on the girls once more as they wrestle for the hose…
They are supposed to be upstairs studying, not frolicking and this stokes his disapproval. It’s gone quiet he realises.Too quiet and he doesn’t like it one little bit. “What is that disobedient girl up to now?…”

Swiftly he leaves the study and makes his way outside to the summer house. Through the grimy window pane he is stunned by what he sees before him. The two girls are entwined, all glistening wet limbs, panting, pert barely concealed breasts touching. He takes great care not to reveal himself. He grows very stiff, an instant reaction to seeing them kissing and fondling one another in the seclusion of his summer house. He regains his composure, knows he has a duty, his stern disciplinarian persona alerting him to such despicable behaviour. Behaviour he knows is appalling. Surely he has strictly instilled higher moral values into his young girl? Yet here she is…
He makes his grand entrance, the wooden door to the summer house flies open, slamming loudly with the force. The two reprobates jump out of their naked damp skin and jump apart like two scalded cats; fear plainly visible on their flushed faces. They’ve been caught well and truly in the act.

“Well, well. What do we have here?” His voice is measured, icy calm in fact. This instills more fear into the girls, a fact he inwardly delights in. “You!…” He points at the friend and she stammers frantically, grasping at her her bikini top, desperately trying to cover herself up.
“I…I…We…Umm!…” With a meek voice she trembles anxiously.
“Well, come on, spit it out child! What the hell do you both think you’re doing in here?”
His young beauty ventures forth, trying to divert his scathing stare away from her panic stricken friend. “We weren’t doing anything wrong… I swear!…”
He shoots her a look that warns her to stay quiet. “I asked your dirty little girlfriend here, not you, so keep your mouth shut.” His voice booms into the confined space of the wooden building. It suddenly feels stiflingly hot, he feels beads of perspiration bead on his forehead.
“I’m… I’m sorry Sir…”
“Sorry? Oh dear. I’m afraid that is not good enough. I want to know exactly what is going on in here. Now, please do me the decency of giving me a full explanation.”

The friend starts to cry softly, humiliation staining her full cheeks a deep wine colour.
“It would seem that you obviously have no idea how a young girl should behave.” His imposing frame almost fills the hut, looming down on the two girls. “I will not accept nor tolerate such dirty antics. You of all people should know this.” He points his thick finger accusingly at his girl.
“Yes Daddy… I do… It’s all my fault, we were just playing…” She valiantly takes the fall for their cavorting.
“Do your parents know you behave in such a disreputable manner young lady? That instead of studying, you choose to fool around instead? I’d be interested to know what their views are.” He turns back to the friend, “Because they will hear all about your little escapades here this afternoon.”
At hearing this threat, the friend grows ever more fearful. “ Oh no, please don’t tell them!” She pleads with the man but to no avail. He is in full swing now. “Prancing around, near naked, like two young whores drawing vile and lecherous attention to yourselves. No, I’m sorry but such behaviour has consequences and must be dealt with immediately.” He casts cold stern eyes over them both now, relishing in the frightened hush, the atmosphere palpable. “I do not want my young girl here associating with wayward sluts, which I assume you must be…” He muses for a moment, eyeing the friend with chilling intent, drinking in her tear stained cheeks and trembling frame. His girl hangs her head in shame.

“I can either inform your parents child or you will agree not to remain friends from this moment on. Yes, of right now you must not continue this repulsive friendship. Is that understood?”
She exclaims in disbelief, “But Daddy! We’re best of friends, you surely cannot ask us to break up!”
Her impertinent outburst angers him and he growls viciously “Silence!.. So what is it to be? I’m waiting.” Both girls are now sobbing, utterly distraught. He lets them stew for a long moment, enjoying their acute discomfort.
“I suppose there is an alternative option.” He finally breaks the silence, his voice low and conspiratory. He feels thrilled by the way he has them both in the palm of his hand. They look up at him expectantly. “You both need to be taught a lesson. Take your punishment graciously and I shall turn a blind eye this time. I will not inform your Mother and Father just what a brazen little heathen their daughter is.”
Another tense moment passes and the girls hold their breath, waiting anxiously to hear what fate awaits them. “You abused my home girls. Instead of studying your books as you were told to do so, you chose to disregard my instructions. That in itself is unacceptable. But to be found practically molesting one another in full view of the hired help, not to mention groping each other in here…Well it beggars belief. I need to decide on a fitting reprimand for this outrage.”
He steps back into the doorway now with a parting command. “Compose yourselves and only when you’ve made yourselves presentable, report to my study. Do you hear?”
“Yes Sir…”
“Yes Daddy…” The girls mumble their replies, wondering which is worse: parental involvement or… Well that’s just it, they don’t know what his punishment will entail.

In his study once more, he drains his crystal tumbler of whiskey and pours himself another generous measure. “Damn girls…” He justifies his drink, his nerves are jarred by their deplorable actions. He controls his quickening heartbeat, suppressing the rapid flow of blood to his penis… For now at least. They arrive at his door a short while later, both sheepish and timid. “Just the way they should be.” He thinks to himself self-righteously.

Before reporting to the study, his girl reassures her friend. “If we do as he says perhaps he won’t be too awful.” she says of her step-father. “Try and please Daddy and he’ll go easier on us.” She bites her bottom lip, knowing her words are for her own reassurance too.
“Enter!” he barks at them and they stand straight-backed with their hands clasped in front of them.
“So, have you decided what it’s to be girls?” He sets his drink down, his face emotionless, fingers tapping impatiently on the desk.
She nods “ Yes Sir…”
“Tell me what you’ve decided for Heaven’s sake!” His roar startles them and the friend manages to stutter, “Please Sir… We’ll take our punishment as we deserve.” She hopes to appease him and he nods curtly, already approving of their subdued demeanor.
“Today’s lesson….” He pauses for effect. “Will be extremely intensive due to the nature of your misdemeanors today. You are to pay close attention and do exactly as I instruct you to do. Is that perfectly clear?”  Both girls nod solemnly.

He lets his lascivious gaze roam over their bodies, feeling arousal bubbling in his loins. “Due to your mutual fascination with each other’s intimate anatomy, it seems fitting that we begin there.” He stands up now and moves towards them. “Such flimsy material, leaves nothing to a man’s red blooded imagination.” He pokes at the scanty bikini tops and in doing so, the friend’s  breasts slip from their fabric hammocks. “My point exactly. Look! not one modicum of modesty and no shame.” He stares hard at the small firm mounds, his mouth watering. He then instructs his girl to help her friend out of the offending swimwear. The friend is visibly alarmed and tries to cover her breasts with her crossed arms. “No point in pretense at this stage in the game Madam. Lower your arms please.” Step-daughter shoots a pleading look at her companion and the girl feels obliged to obey. “Now my dear, you’re to do the same.” He gestures for her to follow suit. With shaking hands, the friend fumbles with the ties of his step-daughters bikini. Now both sets of perky young tits are on full display.
“Now, seeing as you both share such avid interest in each other’s breasts, I want to see you touch them properly.” The girls share startled looks but proceed anyway, both rubbing their chests awkwardly. He lets out a sharp laugh before chastising them. “Each other’s I meant, you silly fools! I am going to watch you stroke each other. Now stop time wasting.”
Tentatively, they begin to caress one another in an awkward fashion, humiliation coming off them in waves. “Put some bloody effort into for God’s sake! You had no difficulty whatsoever in the summer house so you can damn well do it now!”
Feeling scared the girls set about massaging and touching each other. He is most pleased at the sight of their pink nipples, erect little buds growing harder with each touch. “That’s very good, see how capable you both are?”

He sits back behind his grand mahogany desk, mainly to conceal his bulging erection. “Ok, so now you know how to manipulate your breasts. Now for something a little more challenging. Remove your skirts please, if that’s what you call them… Come on, slide them down now.”
They obey submissively, their hearts hammering, afraid of what he will ask of them next. Thoughtfully he appraises them, shaking his head in contempt.  “ Such fine examples of young beauty, yet you choose to flaunt your bodies so cheaply. Do you have any inkling about what lies between those slender legs? Either of you?” he demands. Step-daughter stares at the floor whilst her friend vigorously shakes her head in denial. “No…No Sir…”
“As I thought. It’s a small mercy that I intervened when I did, before you got yourself into deeper trouble. I have no choice, I must educate you both… Now, remove your panties, you must be naked. This lesson depends on it.” His voice is so serious, filling the girls with unease.
“But…But…” The friend attempts a protest which is rapidly squashed by his icy glare.
“Do as I say, or you will learn the hard way my girl.”
Step-daughter softly persuades the other girl to peel her briefs down to her ankles, quickly squeezing her hand to offer comfort.

“Let me take a closer look…” He sidles up between their nubile bodies now, aware of their close proximity. He can smell the sun lotion on their skin and their damp tousled hair. Arousal is steadily building from within him. He clears his throat then rests his hands on the smalls of their backs, propelling them together. “Stroke each other. Do it now… Like this…”
He demonstrates on his step-daughter his thick fingers tracing downwards until he skims her navel. “Well go on, get on with it!”
They finally do as they’re told, gently stroking and exploring with light touches. To his secret delight he sees both girls are flushed pink, their facial expressions seem to transform from fear to something else altogether.
“Describe to me exactly how that feels please.”
“Umm…” His step-daughter begins. “It kind of tickles… It’s soft…”
“Ok, what about you girl, how does it feel?” He urges the friend to speak.
“Well….It feels gentle…” She tries self-consciously.
“What else? Come on, describe it for me, pay attention to what you’re doing!…” Shaking his head in exasperation he reaches forward to clasp a petite firm mound in each of his hands. The friend giggles nervously despite herself and she bites her lip. “Well… It feels all tingly… I feel warm…”
“Carry on both of you. Move your fingers lower now, let them explore. Acquaint yourselves with your bodies. What can you feel? What do you see?” He is every bit the lecturer,  the school master, completely absorbed in their learning, despite their clumsy actions. How good they both look as they stand before him.
“I’m nearly touching her… private parts…” Step-daughter murmurs softly.
“Do you mean her pussy? Say it. What are your fingers touching my dear?” He almost slurs his words to which she blushes furiously, whilst her fingertips graze over her friend’s pubic mound. She feels the soft downy hair down there and under long eyelashes she looks up at him as she speaks. “ I’m touching her pussy Sir…”
“That’s my girl, very good. Now I want you to tell me what you have discovered too.” He urges the friend to speak.
“It’s… Her pussy Sir, it’s really nice and smooth. Mine has hair down there…”
He half smiles at this revelation. “You will learn that everyone is different young lady. I must say, I am most pleased by your intimate parts….But I digress. The next exercise. You will explore between those pink fleshy folds. I want you to learn what it feels like inside a pussy. Don’t look so wide eyed and innocent. It will not wash with me.” He takes complete control now. “ I know fine well that you have touched each other inside, haven’t you? Don’t lie to me now.”

They lower their eyes and nod in admission. “ Now my dear girl, I want you to get your friend here to sit in my chair… OK, now part her legs. Let’s not hide what lies between your thighs.”
He instructs his step-daughter to kneel on the floor between the other’s legs, telling her how to open up the delicate plump folds of the girl’s wet pussy.
“Do you know what a clitoris is?” He asks in a steady voice, looking from one girl to another, his eyebrow raised. Both girls try to stifle nervous giggles. “I’m not sure Daddy… Please could you show me?…” His pulse speeds up at her response but with steady hands he guides her fingers between the fleshy folds until they happen on a tiny erect nub.
“That, my dear, is a clitoris. See how I stroke it with my fingers? Now you try.”
Following his demonstration, she rubs at the clit softly and is startled by the way it hardens under her touch. She stares up at her friend who is fidgeting and sighing with every stroke.
He too gazes at the girl, entranced by the way her pale bottom squirms on his leather chair. “Describe how it feels.” He orders, his eyes glued to the juicy slit in front of him.
“It’s strange…but… it feels nice…” The friend manages to gasp hoarsely. He merely nods and allows them to continue a while longer before giving his next set of instructions. “I want you to slide one of your fingers into her opening. It’s OK, it won’t hurt her. See how wet her pussy looks?” He points out the creamy secretions that are rapidly coating the girl’s pussy lips.

The atmosphere is changing dramatically. Both girls focus intently on the exercise he has set them.
“It’s really wet and sticky Daddy… She feels hot and….tight…” Step-daughter is excelling herself in her studies. He groans softly at her observation and tells her “It’s exactly as a young lady’s pussy should be, darling girl. Now, bend your finger, crook it up like that…” As she does as he tells her, her friend cries out “Oh my…Oh!…”
“You are rubbing your girlfriend’s special pleasure spot, keep going, don’t stop, that’s it. I want you to observe what happens next.” he says knowingly. He watches on as the friend’s body begins to tremble and her eyes widen in suprise. Her hips respond to his step-daughter’s administrations. She manages to whimper, “ I feel so hot and… oh…my God….” She starts to sob breathlessly, thrashing her head back and forth. “What’s happening to me?…”
He nods as his girl to carry on as he answers. “ Don’t be alarmed child. Relax and let it happen. Yes, that’s excellent…”
She shakes uncontrollably as her first orgasm takes hold of her and she writhes in the chair, little cries escaping from her with each wave of sensation that assaults her. His stepdaughter is full of concern, her eyes glistening with tears of her own, believing that she is inflicting terrible pain upon her friend. “You have a great deal to learn, both of you. You just experienced what is known as an orgasm. It’s a climax of pleasure.” His own breathing is laboured, sweat beads form on his brow and his cock aches almost painfully in his trousers.

Once the friend has recovered he swiftly orders them to exchange places on the chair. He urgently tutors her in the art of pleasuring his dear girl until she too shudders with a climax of her own. Their discovery makes them braver now and they are both eager to learn more.
“It is imperative you both learn that your lovely young pussies require the utmost care and respect.” He runs his hand over his forehead to wipe his damp skin dry. They both nod earnestly, faces damp too with exertion. His eyes roam hungrily over their breasts, their rosy pink nipples so tempting and good enough to eat….

He takes a moment to knock back his whiskey and to steady himself. He sees that his wanton step-daughter is ripe and ready. He is ravenous in his yearning to break her in. Now he is fortunate enough to have a second wayward girl to receive his helpings of strict discipline to.
“Double helpings…” He smirks to himself. “OK…You’ve learnt how your pussies work and how good it can feel when pleasured correctly. I think it’s high time we advanced these studies further still. Dear girl come here to me…”
His girl quietly complies and goes to him, apprehension and expectation written all over her slutty pretty face.
“I think you should know that my darling daughter has had some previous tuition…” He tells the friend, a wolfish smile playing on his lips, as he gauges her reaction to this latest information.”Haven’t you my sweet?…”
“Yes Daddy, that’s right.” She smiles shyly at her friend, wondering what the other girl will think. In response she gazes back at his stepdaughter, her eyes glazed and her anticipation growing by the second. She feels somewhat envious to hear that her close girlfriend has had a taste of this before.
“Tell me, have you ever seen a man’s penis?” His voice cuts through the heady tension in the room. The direct question flummoxes her briefly. Knowing better than to displease him by dithering she ventures, “Sort of…”
“Elaborate, you either have or you have not. Which is it?” He demands to know just how much this little harlot has seen.
“I caught my brother in the bathroom with no clothes on before. He was pulling on his thing and got terribly cross when I walked in on him…” she blurts out.
“Ok, good, so it appears you’ve seen one before. But have you ever touched one girl?” He enjoys interrogating her, seeing the way she fidgets as she makes her admission, pleased to see that despite the fact it’s her brother she is talking about, she appears to be excited about the encounter. She shakes her head. “ No, not properly. Except one time when a stupid boy forced me to put my hand down his shorts…”

He strokes his stepdaughters arm seductively. “You must help me to educate your friend here. It would be irresponsible for me not to insist on this vital guidance.”
As if reading his mind she slowly undoes his flies then slides her nimble fingers inside to free his member from his trousers.
“Oh my God…” The friend gasps, shocked to see her best friend confidently releasing the man’s dick… She is also shocked by the sheer size of it.
“My girl is a little ahead of you, but not to worry, you will make it your business to catch up with her. With practice and guidance you will soon know just what to do with a real-life penis, like this.” He is pleased as punch with the knowledge that he will be the one to tutor the new student with the help of his star pupil.
Stepdaughter wraps her slender fingers around his thick shaft, stroking up and down it’s bulging length and demonstrating the technique to her pal. “Daddy has a full grown man’s cock. It’s much better than a silly boy’s cock.” She says wisely, beaming at the other girl. She is pleased to be Teacher’s Pet and basks in his approval. Meanwhile he talks in low tones, explaining how he likes to be touched, how to move her hand on his prick, how to gently stroke his ball sac. His voice is thick with lust, but not as thick and turgid as his manhood. He stares down at it seeing the veins straining under the surface of it’s skin, his cock tip dark red and swollen.

The friend stares too, taking in his magnificent tool, she has never set eyes on such a beast and she feels a mixture of amazement and terror as she watches it lurch involuntarily. She moves in closer now, inquisitive and eager to be involved. Pointing to the man’s bell end she looks quizzically at the pearl of silvery fluid oozing from it’s slit. Answering her confused expression, he invites her to touch him.
“It’s called pre-cum my girl. Gather some on your fingertip… It won’t hurt you for Heaven’s sake!… Good, that’s it. Now lick your finger…”
Hesitantly she studies the creamy residue before sliding her finger between her parched lips. She discovers it has an odd taste; salty and sweet at the same time and she rather likes it.
“It’s so nice…” murmurs stepdaughter. “Take some more babes…” She squeezes his cock to express another pool of the stuff. The friend goes to dip her fingers in again but this time he has a better idea.
“There’s a good girl… Come right here and bring your face really close to my penis. Yes… Now run your tongue over it…” His voice drawls, his lust barely disguised now that he has both of them attending to his painfully erect cock.
She is uncertain, not sure that she has heard him right, nervous about licking this solid monster that bobs up and down just inches from her face.
“Go on… Try it, you’ll like it I promise…” Stepdaughter coaxes her softly sending exciting shivers up her spine with her whispery seductive voice. “I’ve done it before and I was really scared at first but now I love it…Try it for yourself and you’ll see…”
He growls with urgency, wanting more than anything to christen this naive student’s mouth with a real dick.

Edging her lips close to his manhood she dips the tip of her tongue down onto his smooth shiny tip and is rewarded instantly with his soft moans. She takes this as a sign to continue, keen to impress him now. Bravely she sticks her tongue right out and begins to explore, licking his bulbous helmet, tasting his salty pre-cum and liking it immensely.
“See how enjoyable lessons can be when you’re compliant? I can see you have real potential. Now for the next step…”
His girl offers her the meaty thickness, telling her softly “Run your tongue and lips up and down, like this…”
The pair begin to caress his shaft deliciously with their mouths, pleasing him immensely with their progress. He coaxes them to go a little further.
“Watch how I suck him…” Stepdaughter slowly eases the man into her mouth, whilst her friend watches in awe as inch after inch disappears between her lips, sucking on the cock like a true pro. “Now you try… easy…” she encourages, offering the impressive dick for her to try, feeding it to her a bit at a time. Like a lot of newbies she gags and heaves when it touches the back of her narrow throat. She withdraws, eyes streaming as she mewls, “ That’s hard…”
He impatiently snaps at her. “I’m incredibly hard, so you had better have another attempt young lady. I want you to try and get all of it inside your filthy little mouth. Do it now please…”
Gingerly, she tries again, gagging once more. He seizes control, reasoning that she will benefit from a baptism of fire instead. He forcibly pushes her head down onto his cock, revelling in the feel of her constricting throat as it envelops him and at the spluttering choking sounds she makes. Then just as aggressively he tears her mouth off him, tormenting her with his goading words. “ Practice makes perfect! Watch how my dear girl does it, pay attention and I may forget your earlier misdemeanors.”
His dear girl swallows him whole until he lips brush against his testicles. She moans around his length in her mouth, obviously aroused at having her stepfather fill her.
“Wow…” breathes the friend, now keen to please. Secretly she wants him to plunge his member back inside her own mouth again, liking his dominance more than she would ever admit.
“Oh that’s good, very good indeed!…” he praises them as they work on him industriously for a short while.

“Recess time I  think.” He extracts himself from their greedy mouths. “For me at least. I didn’t give you permission to rest though, did I?” There’s a lascivious glint in his eyes as he notices how well lubricated they have become. He orders them to resume their attention to each other now. He takes pleasure in sitting back for a moment, admiring his young proteges as they studiously delve and explore, until he regains some of his composure. He delivers the final part of today’s disciplinary seminar. “Girls, listen carefully to what I tell you. I shall take the lead and instruct you. You must do exactly as I order you to do. We shall see if you have learnt how to be obedient or not. If you have then you will be rewarded…” There’s menace in his tone, the air of fear returning to the study.

“What are you going to do?…” The friend is nervous once more, her voice wavering.
“My dear, I’m going to prime that glorious tight snatch of yours. I’m about to demonstrate to you exactly what a real man’s cock can do. You see, cock and pussy go hand in hand, they can make such a pleasurable union… If done correctly that is. You will come to learn that a cock such as this is a thing to love and to fear. If you behave like a whore you will be treated as one. I am merely preparing you for that…”
His fat rod bobs up and down between his hairy muscular thighs, like a terrier desperate to get at the postman’s ankles. He orders them to kneel in front of him and to lift the sweet firm bottoms in the air. He salivates at the vision before his eyes as two perfectly neat pink slits wink at him in unison. Not to mention their puckered arseholes that twitch in anticipation at what he’s about to do to the girls. Spitting heavily into his palm, he slathers his saliva up and down his shaft, lubricating it nicely. He admires his prick as he does so, proud of his virility.

He proceeds to grip their buttocks in turn, spitting between them, into their clefts. With meaty fingers he smothers their glistening slits and plump puffy lips with his spit, ensuring both girls are well prepared. He toys with which girl to claim first, opting to thrust into his sexy slut of a stepdaughter. Pressing his swollen tip in between her folds he eases himself inside her very tight confines. She gasps, sharply taking a breath, clenching her teeth she braces herself against the sting of her stretched flesh. He works in deeper and deeper, until she feels him prodding against her cervix. It feels like she is on fire between her thighs, yet through her discomfort she feels a carnal sensation so raw that she cannot resist him.

Turning her head to look, her friend watches her face change as she starts to thrust herself back onto him, there’s a slapping sound each time her buttocks make contact with his groin and the filthy sound of the young girl’s pussy slurping each time he pulls his cock out of her. He grunts loudly in approval as he ups the ante to show her exactly who is in charge. He is the master and she is the pupil. Strange strangled cries escape her as he really starts to pummel her insides. Sweat drips from him with every stab of his cock into her stretched entrance.
Not wanting to exclude the friend from the proceedings, he thrusts his middle finger straight into her soaking hole, her yelps and cries increasing in volume as he bruises her G-spot roughly.
Before long he is fucking both girls, swapping from his stepdaugher to her friend so he can break her in too. They’re both moaning and crying out but any concern of being found out is the furthest thing from his mind as he takes it in turns, burying himself in first one pussy, then the other. The girls too have abandoned their inhibitions, much too focussed now on the good sound fucking he is dishing out to them and of course the sheer desire to please their masterful teacher.

Feeling his semen threatening to explode from him, he has them kneel once more on the carpet at his feet. Even with his huge hand gripping his member, it’s so engorged, a real beast to behold. He pumps his fist furiously, grunting and groaning through clenched teeth, panting with the exertion.
“Quick girls, come right up close to my penis, do it now! Yes!…Urrrgghhh…My God…. Open your mouths wide for me!…Wider!…” His hips buck now as he masterbates himself violently. “Ohh, here it comes! Argh!…” He roars like a wild animal and his angry looking cock bulges in his fist. His hot salty cum surges from him in a downpour that rains onto their upturned faces. His seemingly endless ejaculate splatters down onto their cheeks, their lips, in their hair at which he pulls and twists in his clenched hands, such is the force of his orgasm. His pole lurches and bobs viciously as long slippery ribbons of his seed spurt from it’s tip. His stepdaughter catches a generous globule in her mouth, right on target, and she devours it greedily. He aims it at her friend too who receives an equal load onto her outstretched tongue….

Panting, his knees weak, he withdraws to see his girl affectionately pulling her girlfriend close. She thrusts her wet tongue into the other girl’s mouth in the filthiest of kisses and his cum dribbles down their chins and onto their breasts below, spilling from their busy mouths as they tongue one another hungrily. The friend boldy massages some of it into his girl’s breasts and defying all logic he feels his balls tighten again.
“Very good girls. You will grown into exceptional young ladies under my watchful eye and strict supervision…: He manages to gasp before he plonks himself back into his leather study chair. The girls half hear him but right now they’re far too busy swatting up on their mutual studies, both committed to avoiding the threat of his initial punishment regime, both determined to be Daddy’s Grade A Students…

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    beautiful work,I love it my dear ….. AC x


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