Clandestine Couplings – Two Get it On!

Clue’s in the title! Introducing to you a selection of stories about horny two-somes who get it well and truly on! 

There’s Sasha, the young lady who’s wearily commuting home after enduring a rather tenuous  day at the office. She has her sights set on a long soak in a hot bath with a large glass of wine for company. However, the dark eyed stranger who blatantly stares at her on board the packed train, has other ideas altogether!….

Next, we meet Sammy. Stranded on a country road out in the sticks, her car having died a death and nightfall approaching, she calls a garage for roadside assistance. The engineer finally arrives after an age, much to Sammy’s annoyance but her chagrin is soon forgotten – her car isn’t the only one to get a good service!

Then there’s adventurous couple Rafe and Birthday Girl Ellie who add excitement to a celebratory meal in a posh restaurant. Let’s just say, this kind of proves men really do hog the remote!….


Watch this space, there’s much more to come!…

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