Painful Passion


She Spins Words

This is my craving – imagined in my mind and manifested through my words..

I am awake,
I see through magnified eyes.
My senses are alive,
My mind has gone wild.

Thoughts drenched in lust,
My want for you in ferocious.
I’m wallowing in your exotic intoxication.
I breathe you in.

Your tongue swells in a river of sweet, warm honey.
Your eyes are ants crawling over my body.
Razor blade teeth tear away any remaining lace.
You hold me hoisted in your suction cup.

You press hard and tease me with feather light tickles.
I sink into divine surrealness.
Metallic red sneaks between my lips – blood.
You leave your prints in black and blue.

Legs vibrating, back arching, stomach convulsing.
I etch my passion into your shimmering flesh.
You are pumping, thumping, groaning.
Liquid gold drips from your finger tips.

You coat me in a delightfully sticky mess,

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Chasing Skin


Best Sex in the Universe Blog

She’s beautiful when she’s horny. She’s radiant during sex. I like to eat her. Like pudding. Licking an invisible spoon coated with her cream. I like to sip her slowly. Dry wine spike with dollops of sweet honey.

Her devilish thigh kisses and cooing breasts are all the nourishment I need.

For her I am always hungry. Starving for more. The feast of her flesh. It consumes me. A paradox most satisfying. I lose myself inside her. Swallowed up in the journey of her touch. A traveller lost.

She tastes, but does not swallow. Open mouth. Wagging tongue. Her womanhood ruptures. Soaks my lips. Stains my method.

She’s barely a woman. And yet, that is what she’s always been. Soft folds pet the wolves as they hunt. Sticky with the moment.

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Limited by my muse

Hit the nail on the proverbial head! Brilliant piece!

One Handed Writers

7362428_s One thing I’ve learned in my ten years of being an author  When it comes to writing, a muse is the most sensitive frustrating thing that an author must face.

Back in December my personal life took a hard hit and my muse, the delicate little creature it is, scurried into the recesses of my mind to hide.  Unfortunately for me, it remained there, refusing to come out for the next four months.

Last month I’d pretty much given up any hope of ever seeing my muse again.  I accepted the fact that maybe it was time to move on to other creative endeavors.  So I turned my focus over to my other passion…creating cover art.  I’m extremely adept at Photoshop and love creating something from nothing.

I guess, in a way my muse returned taking up another form, but however you want to say it I put the…

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Liebster Award for Lexi Thornton

Liebster Award

The True Diary of a Submissive (check out her brilliant blog at nominated me for the Liebster blog award. The Liebster Blog Award is given to up and coming bloggers who have less than 200 followers. “Liebster” is German for “favourite”.

 To accept the award,there are some rules to follow

  • When you receive the award, you must post 11 random facts about yourself and answer the 11 questions asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Pass the award onto 11 other blogs (while making sure you notify the blogger that you nominated them!)
  • You write-up 11 NEW questions directed towards your nominees.
  • You are not allowed to nominate the blog who nominated YOUR own blog!
  • You paste the award picture into your blog. (You can google the image, there are plenty of them!)

Lexi Thornton’s Random Facts

I’m almost 35 years old – my birthday is next month

I’m extremely short-sighted and have to wear contact lenses!

By day I’m a Nurse

I’m allergic to marzipan..yuck!

My favourite music has to be old skool and funky house – nothing like some piano & diva vocals!

I’m going back to my studies this September – student haha!

The furthest I’ve travelled is to Las Vegas, Nevada

I have an 8 year old daughter

I love Lattes with a shot of caramel syrup in too, yum yum

My dream job would be a forensic psychologist

I’m terrified of dragonflies!

The rules state that you answer the 11 questions asked of you by the Blogger who gave you this award.

Here are the questions and my answers to The True Diary of a Submissive – so much thanks to you for nominating me!

Questions & Answers

1.What’s your shoe size?

I’m a average size 6

2. What did you want to be when you were a child?

Lol a journalist! Well, I got the writing part!…

3. When did you discover your ‘Kink’ preference?

Always been a lustful being but it truly came out to play 6 years ago when I met my special man

4. What is your most treasured possession?

Photographs of my loved ones, memories captured

5. If you could go back in time what era what you go back to?

Easy – I’d step on back to the 50’s/60’s – I was heavily influenced by too much Happy Days when I was young!

6. Who is your idol/inspiration?

Marilyn Monroe & Dita Von Teese if we’re talking famous folk….

7.  What’s your favourite dance move?

Shaking my money maker and strutting my stuff in my fuck-me killer heels!

8. What is your favourite TV program?

So many… love crime dramas, Broadchurch was pretty good

9. Do you have any regular beauty/up keep treatments and if so, which ones?

I used to have the works, nails, tan, extensions (haha!) now I pamper my tresses and have my eyebrows threaded

10. If you could be anyone, dead or alive, who would you be?

Betty Paige

11. Are you happy?

As happy as a bipolar lass can be 😉

I’m then supposed to nominate some blogs for this and leave my list of questions for fellow bloggers.

Now my questions for you….

Do you ever remember your dreams?

If you were on Death Row and had one last meal, what would you ask for?

If you could commit any crime and get away with it scott free, what would you do?

You’re stuck in a lift, who would you most like to be stuck in there with?

Do you ever sing in public/do karaoke and if so what do you sing?

Which is your favourite season?

Do you have any phobias?

Do you have an alter ego and if so what are they are like?

Any bad habits you indulge in when nobody’s looking? 😉

What 3 items would you take with you if you got marooned on a desert island?

What’s the most selfless thing you have ever done for another?

Again much love & gratitude to The True Diary of a Submissive for taking time & noticing me! x

Have fun, can’t wait to hear your answers x

Been a While …

Long time no see...

Long time no see…

So….. It’s been a rather long time since I brought anything to the Dining Table of Lust! That said I certainly haven’t shown up empty handy 🙂

Today’s erotic delicacies consist of two new lust fueled stories for you to feast upon. … “Jim’ll Fix Her” is a rather saucy dish (or should I say the leading man is!) and tells of a red hot tryst between spoilt housewife Ruby and Jamie the strapping young plumber who not only fixes her troublesome pipework but gives Ruby a thorough seeing to!…

Next up comes (no pun intended!) the luscious tale of Sasha and Aimee, two besties, who after a predominantly liquid lunch embark on some seriously sexy ermmm retail therapy! Not to mention an impromtu lust-fest… behind a velvet curtain….


So, enjoy! Hope you’re licking your lips already! xoxo



Shop ’til you Drop…. To your Knees!



“ I’ve spent a fortune Aimee! I can just hear my credit card screaming in agony!” Sasha exclaimed as she and her best friend slid into a vacant booth they’d spotted in the trendy bar in which they’d chosen to have some lunch.

“Ohh but don’t deny it Sash, it’s been worth it, look at all the gorgeous things you’ve bought!” Aimee gleefully rummaged through the obscene mountain of bags heaped around them. “We’re going to be the hottest pair of girls in this city tonight babe!” she added excitedly.

Sasha giggled; she had to agree with her friend, she had indeed had a very fruitful morning of sheer indulgent retail therapy.

Hmm, maybe… but I’m holding out for that perfect outfit that screams out to me.” Sasha replied as she gazed over the leather clad menu in front of her, her eyes resting on the wine list. “Vino?” she asked Aimee.

“But of course! Think we deserve a little light refreshment.” Came the reply.

A delectable lunch along with a generous amount of wine was ordered and the two not only enjoyed their meal but also a helping of flirtation with the tasty, swarthy waiter who shamelessly paid them extra special attention.


“I think we should carry on with our expedition Sash, what do you reckon?” remarked Aimee as she drained the last of her wine. Agreeing eagerly Sasha gathered up her bags and the two headed back out into the autumnal chill, arms linked and thick as thieves as the fresh air hit them. They cruised through a large department store but had little luck until they happened upon a rather intriguing boutique.

“Now this looks promising! Come on, let’s see what sexy numbers they’ve got in here!” exclaimed Sasha happily, glad to have made the discovery. The very sight of the corsets on display giving her an unexpected jolt of pleasure.

Once inside she set about running her hands over the expensive fabrics; silk, taffeta and lace. Sasha began to smile as she imagined such luxury against her olive skin.

“I think I know just what I want to wear tonight…” she murmured before glancing round to see where her partner-in-crime has gotten to. Aimee came sauntering over, her arms laden with numerous corsets and dresses, grinning from ear-to-ear. Gleefully they headed to the fitting room. Even this space was glamorous and appealing. Everything about the decor oozed class and sex-appeal with its thick dark drapes made of a weighty plum satin and low lighting.

There was much laughter between them, both tipsy from their lunchtime drinking. Not to mention the heady excitement at finding potentially perfect outfits to wear to the eagerly awaited party that night.


Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Aimee carefully picked up a silk black corset; its bodice encrusted with tiny onyx jewels, and removed it from its heavy gold hanger.

“I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to fasten myself into this, Sash would you mind giving me a hand honey?”

The slender blonde shimmied out of her clothes, her lacy bra discarded swiftly onto the floor, an almost child-like expression on her face as she turned enquiringly to look at Sasha. The low lighting cast a brilliant shine to her hair as draped over her bare shoulders and down her back like spun gold. Sasha blinked and tried not to gawp, thinking to herself that she really shouldn’t have drunk so much wine.

Strip Tease

“Sure I can…” She took the corset from Aimee, concentrating hard on its many fiddly clasps and ribbons in order to clear the forbidden thoughts that were threatening to flood into her tipsy mind.

Aimee chattered away oblivious, facing the gigantic ornate Gothic mirror, totally unaware of what had fleetingly crossed Sasha’s mind just moments before. After studying the garment for a long moment and ensuring it was laced up correctly, Sasha finally figured out how to fasten the corset. Aimee was dancing to the soulful music that was being pumped into the fitting area, her hair scooped up onto her head, arms stretched upwardly as her hands held her locks in place.

“Right lady! Stand still a minute whilst I wrap this around you!” Sasha chided gently, laughing at her friend’s pink complexion adding “You must be as merry as me, look at you prancing around!”

Aimee complied, standing still to allow Sasha to dress her petite frame.

“You are going to look divine in this babe.” Sasha commented.

“You think so?” Aimee responded, causing Sasha to look at their reflections in the mirror.

“I know so Aimee.” It was at this moment that her eyes betrayed her as they drank in Aimee’s reflection, straying over her collar bone, downwards over her pert breasts with their pink nipples. She busied herself once more with lacing up the back of the corset, tightening it with each tug of the ribbons.

“Can I turn round now?” Aimee asked.

“Yeah, we need to fasten you up at the front now.” Sasha answered, trying to keep her tone brisk and pre-occupied and hoping that the unexpected lust she had started to feel was firmly out of her voice. As Aimee turned around her firm round breasts brushed against Sasha setting off a deluge of tingles under Sasha’s skin.


Nervously she blurted out “Have I ever told you what a hot bod you’ve got yourself Honey?” She laughed breathlessly as the words came out and she felt her face burning.

“You’re so sweet babes! However, the prize for Number 1 Sex Goddess goes to you every time my darling Sash!” Aimee gushed, kissing her on each flushed cheek with an exaggerated “Mwah” each time her lips made contact. The compliment did little to distract Sasha from the fact that) Aimee’s naked breasts remained mere centimetres from her poised fingertips. With a slight tremor she began to fasten the tricky clasps up the front of the basque, so aware of her friend’s warm skin close to hers. When she was half way there, she ventured a glance upwards to find Aimee nibbling her bottom lip and gazing intently back at her.

“These bloody clasps are a nightmare Aimes…” She mumbled distractedly.

“Here, let me help you.” Aimee let her fingers trail over the offending clasps. As they both tackled the awkward job, Sasha’s hand slipped and accidentally brushed against one of Aimee’s nipples which was tellingly erect.

“Oops, sorry Hun.” She apologised hurriedly.

“Please, don’t be sorry…” Her friend replied softly before she grabbed Sasha’s fingers and placed them firmly over her hardening bud. Sasha took a sharp intake of breath at Aimee’s gesture, unsure as to what to do next. Sensing Sasha’s apprehension, Aimee coaxed gently. “Don’t be shy…Come here…” She pulled Sasha to her, leaning in to softly nibble the other woman’s lip. Meanwhile Sasha was momentarily overcome with surprise, her stomach fluttering with desire. Still she hesitated, until Aimee slid her tongue delicately into her mouth. Fueled by the unmistakable arousal that coursed through her body, she returned the kiss in earnest, bravely pulling Aimee closer to her. She liked the feeling of her body pressed tightly her friend’s slender frame. She became rapidly aware of a pulsing heat between her thighs, her lacy thong becoming quickly damp and sticky.

Going in for the Kill

A low moan broke free of Aimee’s mouth as Sasha followed her instincts. Impulse took over and she began running her fingertips over the temptingly ripe breasts presented before her, reveling in the way they responded to her touch. Growing increasingly more confident, Sasha bent her head and took Aimee’s pink hard nipples between her lips in turn to nibble; suck and caress, feeling them stiffen with every lick. Aimee’s head lolled back a little, her breathing getting heavier as Sasha lavished attention on her.

“Hey…” she whispered after a long moment, resting a hand on Sasha’s arm. “I’m being selfish, come here babe…” She gazed into Sasha’s eyes before kissing her passionately, their tongues sliding wetly over one another. Sasha’s legs felt weak and shaky with lust. The heavy baseline of the music being played around them seemed to intensify the atmosphere and they began grinding their hips against each other as they kissed.


Aimee was first to pull away, leaving Sasha breathless and panting. She felt somewhat crest-fallen that Aimee had withdrawn. That was until she watched on in amazement as her sexy companion dropped slowly to her knees before her, before pushing her back gently against the wall. She smoothly parted Sasha’s legs let out an involuntary gasp of approval as he eyes feasted on the other woman’s soaking wet thong that encased what just had to be a gorgeous pussy. Wasting not one second, Aimee’s tongue darted against the wet lace, causing Sasha’s legs to tremble violently.

“Sit…” She gestured to a throne-like velvet clad chair that sat proudly in the corner. Sasha’s heart was pounding and she paused feeling self-conscious.

“What if we get caught though Aimes?…” She asked quietly despite her desire threatening to take over and rendering her past caring.

Aimee merely smiled back at her wickedly “ Ssh…Just relax…” She knelt down again, pushing Sasha’s legs wide apart, teasingly dragging her nails over toned silky thigh flesh as she did so.

Sasha moaned despite herself, she felt torn, partly wanting to push her friend away but so overcome with lust that she couldn’t bring herself to do so. Meanwhile, Aimee painstakingly peeled Sasha’s soaked panties away from her pussy, studying what lay before her. “Oh my…” She murmured, seemingly entranced by the view. She ran her tongue over Sasha’s thighs, circling round up towards her aching sex before moving it away at the last moment. Each time she pulled this stunt Sasha couldn’t suppress her moans nor could she resist thrusting her hips upwards as she searched and yearned for Aimee’s tongue to lick her throbbing clit.


“Please…” Sasha whispered pleadingly, her earlier fears of getting caught well and truly vanished. Aimee glanced up at Sasha pleased to find her friend in a state of such arousal, head thrown back and thighs twitching with each touch. Seeing Sasha consumed by such pleasure, Aimee then slowly lowered her mouth between two tanned thighs, parting the swollen pussy lips with her nimble tongue. She licked with a slow deliberate stroke from the bottom of Sasha’s slit, upwards till she reached one beautifully engorged clitoris. Sasha’s eyes snapped open instantly and she had to bite down on her clenched fist as Aimee began furiously tonguing and lapping at her juicy glistening opening, gathering creamy arousal as she went, exposing her tender clit from under its protective hood.

Sasha’s hips bucked wildly, her ass lifting from the chair as her hands clawed at its plush velvet covering. She whimpered in pleasure, her resistance utterly dissipated and her only concern was the flood of delicious sensation that rippled through her body.

“Nice, babes?…” Aimee asked pausing momentarily to catch a breath.

Without answering verbally, Sasha grasped Aimee’s head in her palms, wrapping the ropes of golden hair around her trembling fingers before guiding Aimee’s mouth urgent back onto her awaiting pussy.

“Don’t…you…dare stop!…”


Stopping was the furthest thing from Aimee’s mind as she worked the tip of her hungry tongue over Sasha’s gaping entrance, curling it over and over before plunging it deep inside. In turn, Sasha writhed, feeling her juices seep freely from her as she drew closer to the edge. Knowing just how close Sasha was, Aimee slid two fingers up and inside to graze and stroke at her friend’s most secret spot. Unable to restrain herself a moment longer, Sasha cried out, her entire body trembling violently as she began to cum. Aimee watched the beautiful sight of her best and closest friend as she came hard and fast onto her fingers, hearing and feeling Sasha’s pussy sucking and contracting with each wave of orgasmic bliss.

When Sasha’s shudders had subsided, Aimee tenderly removed her fingers to bring them to her lips; gazing up seductively into Sasha’s eyes as she licked and sucked them clean.

“You taste so…sweet…amazing…” she spoke lovingly.

Sasha sat, totally sated, breathless and hot but with a broad if a little shocked smile that soon spread over her whole face.

“You are a dark horse!…” She sat up and pulled Aimee close so that she could kiss her, tasting herself as they shared a deep intimate kiss. Her fingers traced over Aimee’s bare golden shoulders and then her sweet breasts. “I want to return the pleasure…”

Aimee smiled but shook her head. “Later sweetie, right now we need to pay for this lot and head back to the hotel.”

“But Aimes…” Sasha started to protest, feeling more than a little rejected.

Noting her friend’s face falling, Aimee clasped Sasha’s hands in hers and reassured “We got all night honey and believe me when I say it’s going to be a night to remember gorgeous!”

Her confidence returning, Sasha smiled again, understanding that their adventure was far from over.

Dressed and composed once more, they gathered up their collection of garments and left the fitting room giggling just as they had on entering it….


Changing Room Secrets

Later that evening, adorned in their jaw-dropping finds, the two admired one another’s’ reflections in the mirror before leaving their hotel room. Both were filled with a wicked sense of anticipation at the prospect and possibilities of what lay ahead at the party that night but also by the secret they shared. The secret of how and why they had chosen their stunning outfits very much at the forefront of both their minds. With every compliment and admiring comment they received, a wry knowing smile passed between the pair.

“Every time I glance over at you in that corset Aimes, I have a flashback to how it all started earlier!…” Sasha whispered in her Bestie’s ear.

“Believe me when I tell you Sash, each time I look at you in that sexy dress…I can taste you!…” Came Aimee’s husky reply. As she clasped Sasha’s hand in hers they joined the party, turning heads as they went.